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Basting is one of the essential skills that anyone who uses sewing machines should know. Basting is used in a countless number of ways in various projects. Some people baste by hand; however, it is also very easy to this with Janome sewing machines like the Janome HD3000.

Rather than getting out the hand needle and thread, read here to learn about fast machine basting that can help you keep right on sewing with minimal interruption.

The Basics of Basting

Basting or tacking is a handy technique for positioning and securing fabric with a loose line of stitches that is easily pulled out once the permanent stitching is done. It’s more convenient than relying on pinning to secure your fabric for final stitching, especially if you need to check for fit or the position of zippers, darts, and other items. Basting is also a required step when making fabric gathers or a set-in sleeve.

Although some people still prefer to hand-baste, it is fast and easy when done with sewing machines and produces an even stitch that holds well, then slips right out afterward.

Fast, Easy Machine Basting

Basting with your Janome HD3000 could not be easier. By using these quick tips below, you can machine baste at any time for perfect permanent stitching results:

  • Set Machine - A basting stitch is an elongated straight stitch. Most Janome sewing machines include a pre-programmed basting stitch you can set at various lengths. If the feed dogs drop down when setting your machine to the basting stitch, change to a darning foot that allows you to free-form stitch while using the basting stitch. If your machine does not have a pre-programmed basting stitch, simply set your straight stitch to the longest setting.
  • Pin Fabric - When the machine is ready to baste, set up your fabric. Place the layers together and pin them in place. Pull out the pins as you baste.  
  • Stitch Your Fabric - Once the fabric is readied, begin slowly stitching just beyond where you would normally be sewing the final seam. After you have basted where necessary and pins are removed, do any fitting and adjust your basting to be correct as necessary. The basted stitch can be easily pulled out and redone if necessary. Avoid back-stitching, as it will prevent you from being able to slide or pop the stitches right out.
  • Do Final Stitching - After you have adjusted your fabric so it fits the proper way and you are ready to put in the permanent stitching, don't forget to reset your machine to a regular straight stitch. Stitch just inside of the baste line. Once you have finished the final stitching, pull out the basting and you are done.

Whether you are a novice just learning how to use sewing machines like the Janome HD3000 or have been sewing for years, basting is one skill you will need in a variety of projects. Basting when using Janome sewing machines is fast, easy, and gives you the perfect baste line so you can adjust your project before doing the final stitching!

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