There are so many different presser feet out there to use with your sewing machine, it might be hard to know which of these sewing machine accessories you really need and which you can do without.

An edgestitch foot is definitely one that should be on your must-have sewing machine supply list because of the many ways you can use this single foot to improve your sewing results.

Used on a machine like the EverSewn Sparrow 30 sewing machine, an edgestitch foot allows you to finish garments and projects so they look factory-made like no other presser foot can do.

What Is an Edgestitch Foot?

The edgestitch foot is a simple presser foot that looks almost like a universal foot except it has an additional part, a blade that extends out from the front of the foot.

It is used on any sewing machine by aligning the blade either along the edge of the fabric or in the fold of a seam so you can do crisp, fine stitching just to the side of the actual seam or edge.

The foot has an elongated needle hole so you can adjust how close or far the stitching is from the blade.

With the blade guiding the needle, it’s easy to create attractive, finished seams, topstitching, and more with this versatile sewing machine accessory.

How Can You Use An Edgestitch Foot?

As small and simple as the edgestitch foot may be, you can do a ton of fun things when it is installed on an all-purpose sewing model like the EverSewn Sparrow 30 sewing machine:

  • Edgestitching - Naturally, the edgestitch foot is used for edgestitching to make a nice, stitched finish at the edge of any hem or fabric. The beauty of this foot is that you can adjust it so the stitching is as close as a few threads from the edge to a few millimeters away from it.
  • Stitch-in-the-Ditch - The blade on the edgestitch foot slides perfectly in the seam, allowing you to precisely stitch-in-the-ditch on quilts and other projects where you want to secure the seam from the top.
  • Topstitching - In the same way that the edgestitch foot works for stitch-in-the-ditch with the blade guiding the needle down the center of the seam, this sewing machine attachmentdoes beautiful topstitching on either side of the seam with just a little adjustment of the needle position to one side or the other.
  • Facing Understitching - Understitching with an edgestitch foot is a great way to prevent facing around necklines from curling up at the edges.
  • Tiny Hems - If you want to make a tiny hem on fine, lightweight fabric, the edgestitch foot is the one for the job.
  • Pintucking - Make easy pintucking by adjusting the needle position and sewing on either side of a pleat with an edgestitch foot.
  • Adding Trims - This presser foot also makes adding tapes and trims to the edge of your fabric quick and easy.
  • Topstitching Over Appliques - Using the edge of the applique as the guide for the blade, you can do perfect, uniform topstitching to cover the raw edge when adding an applique.
  • Joining Fabric Pieces - On the rare occasion you may need to join two flat pieces of fabric together heirloom fashion without an actual layered seam, you can actually accomplish this with an edgestitch foot using a zigzag stitch.

No Accessory Kit Is Complete Without An Edgestitch Foot!

Although you may not use it every day with your sewing machine, no sewing machine supply kit is complete without an edgestitch foot.

This fun, versatile little presser foot can do so much, you may find yourself just looking for more places to add topstitching and edgestitching to the many items you make with your EverSewn Sparrow 30 sewing machine!

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