Sewing with sewing machines like the Janome 2212 can be a wonderful creative outlet that people from 10 to 100 can appreciate. It can also be more frustrating than it needs to be when people adopt certain bad habits that can make mistakes and problems more likely to occur. Owners of Janome sewing machines should avoid the following bad habits to ensure their time is more wisely spent creating beautiful items, rather than ripping apart seams and wasting fabric.

Not Measuring Carefully - or At All

The secret to a well-sewn pattern is careful measurements when using both the patterns and fabric, then measuring again before anything is actually cut. There are many ways that cutting could be done the wrong way, ruining the whole project. It is important to recheck measurements multiple times. Doing this will help to ensure that everything fits the way it should after being sewn using machines like the Janome 2212.

Using Fabric Scissors on Anything But Fabric

Next to measuring, the most important step for great success with sewing machine projects is the careful cutting of all pattern pieces. Sharp fabric scissors are an essential item in every sewing kit. To keep them sharp or avoid inaccurate cutting that could damage the fabric, it is important to take proper care of fabric scissors so they always cut precisely. Never cut anything other than fabric with your sewing scissors.

Forgetting to Use A Fresh Needle

A fresh, sharp needle is another tool that is important for seeing the best results with any project that is created on Janome sewing machines. Sharp needles pierce fabric cleanly, reducing damage and creating smaller holes. They are also less likely to cause thread to break. When starting a new project, always insert a fresh, new needle!

Skipping the Pre-Wash

Some fabrics, particularly cottons, cotton blends, or any other fabrics that may shrink should be pre-washed before measured and cut. Doing so ensures that all pattern pieces are made with fabric that will not shrink after the fact, something that can ruin a great garment when it suddenly no longer fits, despite careful measurement. Check the fabric content and always pre-wash when necessary to avoid this frustrating problem.

Forgetting to Press Seams

Sewing straight seams can be challenging. One of the best ways to make a straight seam is to press the seam flat ahead of time, then press back the seam allowance before stitching it down. Pressing the fabric and seam is especially important for quilting, which involves stitching many small seams. Press everything straight, then let that crisp, ironed line be a sewing guide for straight seams.

Not Following the Pattern

One way for problems to develop with any project is by not following the pattern carefully. No matter how much experience someone has working with sewing machines, every pattern is different and missing even a tiny step could change everything. Slow down and read the pattern thoroughly before beginning, then go back and follow along step-by-step.

Not Cleaning and Maintaining the Machine

The single largest bad habit that should always be avoided is failing to periodically clean and maintain the machine. Sewing machines collect lint and dust, which can interfere with the thread and needle. Regularly taking the machine apart and unthreading it to give it a thorough cleaning should be a priority. If necessary, professional maintenance can be done as well. When the machine is clean, lubricated, and well-maintained, it will perform its best for many years to come.

While these bad habits may not seem that bad, they can be lead to many headaches when trying to use sewing machines like the Janome 2212. The best way to avoid simple, yet frustrating problems with Janome sewing machines is to avoid these habits altogether. Starting out with good habits and taking care of necessary tasks means the ability to enjoy beautifully crafted garments and projects every time you sew!

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