The most exciting part about starting a new machine quilting project is coming up with a pattern and deciding on which fabric to use.

Yet there are so many colors and patterns to choose from picking fabric for a project can get intimidating!

Fortunately, having a plan can really help you to make choices fearlessly.

Learn here effective ways to choose fabrics to use on a new project that will be stitched on your quilting machine and be overjoyed with the results and not worry about fabrics not matching or patterns clashing anymore!

1. Choose By Curated Collection

The easiest way to find a complete set of complementary patterned and solid fabric perfect for many styles of quilts to sew is by using a curated designer collection.

These collections have been pre-designed with numerous patterns and multiple solids to use interchangeably to create your own unique design.

They cost a little more than picking out the fabric personally, but all the work of matching colors, shades, hues, and patterns has been done for you.

Curated collections are as close to foolproof as it gets when picking quilt fabric.

2. Choose By Color Palette

Another way to choose fabrics for your machine quilting project is by picking a palette of different colors that go together.

There are example color palettes to be found all over on sites such as Pinterest, Colourlovers, DesignSeeds, and others that allow you to see countless color combinations and get an idea as to whether certain colors will go together before buying.

Sites like Colourlovers and Coolers even let you make an example palette to see how those ideas will look or choose from palettes made by others.

3. Choose By Color Families

Color families consist of different shades or hues of the same colors that compliment each other.

Collections of the same color in different shades can look very nice as long as they are all the same hue as well as different colors with the same hue can be a pleasant choice.

In either case, just make sure to stick with one rule or the other, as mixing shades and hues at the same time doesn’t usually work to create a cohesive palette.

4. Choose By Pattern Scale

In addition to choosing based on color palettes or shades and hues, compare patterns by size to also match that way.

Mixing patterns is a fun and creative thing to do when planning out a quilt to sew on a quilting machine but be careful when combining patterns so they correspond in size.

Tiny patterns mixed with great big ones can look overwhelming, which is why it’s best to choose patterns that are similar in size.

5. Choose By Contrast

Depending on the design you’re planning, contrast may be a good option for choosing fabric.

A darker main color in a few shades with a lighter or neutral background color or vice-versa is a great way to look at fabrics of any color or pattern.

A neutral background color, whether light or dark, is what will pull it all together.

So Many Colors, So Many Ways To Choose

One thing every quilter knows is that the wrong color choices can make exciting ideas look less than appealing in the end.

Good color choice is an essential step in project planning, long before a project ever makes it onto the frame for stitching together with that longarm machine you bought.

Thankfully, when using these color picking techniques, it is a lot easier than you think to choose perfect colors and patterns for creative quilting projects!