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Denim is a versatile fabric that can be used to make a wide variety of things on personal home sewing machines like the Janome 2212. From jeans, skirts, and other wearables to useful accessories like tote bags and throw pillows, you can really get creative with soft, durable denim.

As fantastic as denim is, it can also be challenging to work with. If you want to avoid all the stress and make great denim projects on your Janome sewing machine, use the helpful tips that follow to make working with this fabric easier than ever.

Always Pre-Wash Denim

Denim is a heavy, stiff fabric when brand new. It also shrinks considerably after washing since it is primarily made of cotton. Pre-washing once or twice before cutting and sewing pattern pieces together on your sewing machine softens the fabric so it is easier to work with and removes any excess dye. In addition, it allows the fabric to shrink so that garments fit correctly when they are finished.

Sewing Machine Setup Is Vital

To be successful when sewing denim and avoid damaging your Janome 2212, it is essential to set the machine properly. Because denim is thicker than most other fabric, set the machine to a longer stitch. Replace the universal needle with an appropriately sized denim needle to prevent skipped stitches and broken needles. Use a high-quality standard thread for making seams and a heavyweight thread for topstitching.

Stop the Fraying

Denim will fray at the edges after it is cut. You can eliminate this problem in two ways:

  1. Cut the denim with a sharp rotary cutter as it leaves a cleaner edge. Alternately, use a very sharp pair of fabric shears that will cut without stretching.
  2. Zigzag stitch around all the cut edges before beginning the actual project. This will prevent fraying while you are working and ensure the seams stay together after continuous wash and wear.

Keep An Iron Handy

Multiple layers of bulky denim can be hard to stitch through when making seams. It is easy to break a needle when the fabric is so thick. To avoid this problem with Janome sewing machines, keep your iron close by and use it often.

Reduce bulk and make the fabric as flat as possible by pressing down the seams so it is easier for the needle to pass through. It may take you a little longer but not nearly as long as if you had to replace the needle time and time again.

Balance the Presser Foot

When sewing bulky denim seams, it is common for the presser foot to become unbalanced under the folded fabric. Sometimes the uneven level of the presser foot will prevent the feed dogs from moving the fabric forward properly. An easy fix for this is to use a scrap of folded denim on the other side of the presser foot so you can balance it on top of the good fabric. Once the foot is level and the feed dogs are working, you should have no problem continuing.

The trick to success when sewing denim on a sewing machine is in using the right accessories and practicing a few simple techniques. If you take the time and follow the extra steps above, you will be happier with the projects you create on Janome sewing machines like the fun and easy Janome 2212!

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