Pins are one of the more simple, yet essential tools that anyone using Juki sewing machines relies on to get things right. Did you know there’s a right and wrong way to use them?

Used incorrectly, you run the risk of causing damage to fabric or sewing machines and could end up pinching or scratching yourself. A drop of blood on your beautiful fabric could ruin everything.

Learn to pin correctly when working with machines like the Juki HZL-DX5 and avoid all of these problems.

The Rules of Pinning

#1 - Correct Fabric Positioning

The most important detail in using pins correctly is positioning the fabric correctly for stitching with sewing machines. Whether you are left or right-handed, your fabric should always be positioned so its bulk is on the left side of the needle and presser foot while the seam allowance is on the right side.

You can't stuff all fabric to be sewn through the throat area of your machine. If sewing something very small and narrow, position it so the seam allowance side is on the right and the rest of the fabric is on the left. The only time this may differ is when making a quilt, in which case you may have a lot of fabric on both sides of the needle.

#2 - Correct Pin Positioning

Regardless of what you’re sewing on Juki sewing machines, best practices advise to always put the pins in the seam allowance to position them on the right side of the needle. There are a few reasons for this:

  • You’re less likely to put holes in the fabric that might end up visible after the project is complete.
  • Helps you stay oriented for stitching straight lines.
  • Pins are easier to remove as you stitch than those placed on the left side of the fabric where your fingers are busy keeping everything straight.

#3 - Correct Pin Placement

Pin placement is important when ready to sew on a Juki HZL-DX5. Prior to actually sewing, it really doesn’t matter how you place pins for cutting; just pull them out after you cut. Reposition any pins to run vertically along the seam allowances with the pin head facing downward toward you to avoid poking yourself. Then you can quickly slide the pin out while sewing; just slow down enough to pull out the pins.

Some people prefer to pin horizontally across the seam allowance and that may work for a very experienced sewist. For anyone else, it increases the possibility of sewing over the pin and damaging needles and sewing machines. You could also poke or scratch your left hand fingers when pinning from right to left instead of up and down.

Use your pins properly when sewing with Juki sewing machines and don’t take them for granted. Like everything else, there’s a preferred way to use them to achieve the best results with anything sewn on sewing machines like the Juki HZL-DX5. When you pin correctly, items will look their best and you won’t need a band-aid to cover a pinprick!

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