The key to sewing perfectly fit garments with Juki sewing machines is in knowing how to make tidy darts. As important as darts can be, many sewists don't like making them and avoid patterns that include them. Well, fear not. You can sew perfect darts with Juki HZL- F300 sewing machines if you use these five simple tips.

1. Accurate Marking and Notching

Accuracy is essential when marking darts that add shape to garments sewn on sewing machines. Mark accurate lines and notches by first making a small hole at the dart point of the pattern with a pair of thread snips. Lay the pattern over your precut fabric piece. Mark through the hole with fabric chalk to leave a mark on the wrong side of the fabric.

With the pattern still over the fabric, make a â…› -inch cut through the fabric at the edge of the dart sides. Take the pattern off and connect the dot to the two cuts to draw accurate dart lines.

2. Aligning the Notches

Keep your dart perfectly aligned on both sides by folding it in half and pinning it in place. Pin the point first, then alight the two cuts and pin those together. Press the folded edge to make a nice crease. Pressing the fold will help prevent the fabric from shifting while you are sewing the dart on your Juki HZL- F300.

3. Stitching the Lines

With your dart carefully pinned and pressed, begin stitching the lines by putting your needle down in the chalk line at the very edge of the dart and then lowering the presser foot. Remove the pin at the notches and begin to stitch, doing a few backstitches at the beginning of the dart side to secure the thread.

Carefully stitch all the way along the chalk line to the point and off the fabric. Do not backstitch at the point. Backstitching should only be done at the beginning of the dart side.

4. Tying the Thread Ends

To keep a dart smooth and tidy, never backstitch at the point after sewing the dart line with Juki sewing machines. Instead, secure the threads by tying a few knots into the thread tails and trimming off any excess length. This should be enough to prevent the dart from unraveling when being worn and during the wash cycle without affecting the smoothness of the line.

5. Pressing Correctly

The last tip for making a perfect dart is to press it over a pressing ham. A pressing ham allows you to shape the dart by pulling gently on the fabric as you press so it lays down flat on the inside of the garment. Your dart will fit better and be more comfortable when doing so.

Although darts might seem intimidating to make at first, there is no reason for you to be uneasy about creating them on easy to use sewing machines like the Juki HZL- F300. As long as you are careful with marking and notching, the rest is simple. Follow the straightforward instructions above for making darts with Juki sewing machines and you will open up an entirely new world of patterns you can sew with confidence!

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