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If you enjoy sewing, you know how quickly it can become an expensive hobby. Besides the cost of sewing machines, sewing accessories, patterns, and fabric, there are the ongoing expenses that add up after a while. Fortunately, there are some great ways to save money when creating great projects with a Janome HD1000 or some other Janome sewing machine. Check out the surprising ways below to purchase many of the supplies you need at exceptionally inexpensive prices.

Know Where to Look

Besides retail fabric and craft stores, there are many places to find fabric, used sewing supplies, and accessories to save you money such as the following:

  • Start At Home - The best supplies you can use to sew projects with a Janome HD1000 are those you already have at home. Unused clothing, blankets, sheets, and other items can be repurposed into something new with a little imagination. Rather than throwing out these items, cut up useful parts to save with your fabric stash for more fabric selection for your various projects.
  • Secondhand Stores - Vintage shops and secondhand stores are a great source of all kinds of supplies and notions needed for sewing beautiful and useful items. These stores can be gold mines for sewing accessories, patterns, notions, fabric, and sometimes even sewing machines that are donated by other sewists. Find Goodwill stores, church thrift stores, and other secondhand stores in your area and visit them. You never know what you will find since new donations continually roll into these stores.
  • Yard Sales and Flea Markets - Other common resources for a variety of inexpensive sewing supplies and accessories are neighborhood yard sales and flea markets. People looking to get rid of unused crafting and sewing items frequently offer these things at very low prices.

Repurpose with A Purpose

When looking through the various locations above, keep in mind that you can repurpose all sorts of items and use them to make projects on your Janome sewing machine. Secondhand stores, yard sales, and even outlet stores are a great source of inexpensive household fabric that can be repurposed to make tote bags, accessories, and even new clothing garments.

Sheets, tablecloths, draperies, even prom and wedding gowns can be purchased inexpensively, then taken apart and reused for new projects. You may even find some very pricey fabric at dirt-cheap costs.

Do not forget about the buttons, zippers, snaps, and hooks you can find on secondhand clothing. Look for inexpensive items at secondhand stores, yard sales, and even your own house. Remove useful items and save them for future projects. Never pay top dollar for these notions at the sewing shop again.

While there will always be certain items you should buy new, you can still save a lot of money by thinking outside the box. Put your creative mind to use when you see items that can be turned into projects made using your Janome HD1000 or another sewing machine and slash your supplies cost in half. When you sew on quality Janome sewing machines using economical, repurposed supplies, nobody but you will ever know your secret!

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Sewing Machines

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Sewing Machines

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