For beginners just getting started with machine embroidery, there is certainly a lot to know about it in order to get it right.

Once you get accustomed to your machine, whether its a basic model or something more advanced like the Melco Amaya Bravo 16 Needle, you’ll be amazed at the incredible designs you can make.

Until that time, here are a few helpful tips to get you started on your road to creating beautiful embroidered designs!

What Are the Different Kinds of Embroidery Machines?

There are two types of machines you can use for doing machine embroidery: sewing and embroidery combo machines or dedicated embroidery machines.

Sewing and embroidery combo machines have one needle to provide a great and affordable introduction to embroidery.

They can stitch up countless designs using included design editing software, though they do require you to switch threads for every color change which makes them best suited for single-color designs.

Dedicated machines like Melco Bravo machines are more costly and have anywhere from one to 16 needles so they can utilize different spools of thread in the same design without having to be manually changed.

These professional models are more suitable for complex designs or stitching multiples of the same design.

What Is Needed to Start Doing Machine Embroidery?

There is actually very little that you need to start doing embroidery with a machine and create fabulous thread art on fabric.

Other than your machine, just assemble these items and you’ll be ready to start:

  • Fabric - The item you want to embroider.
  • Thread - Choose to compliment your fabric and the design you want to embroider.
  • Embroidery Software - Usually comes with your machine and allows you to choose, create, and edit designs to stitch onto your fabric.
  • Embroidery Needles - A good supply of sharp new needles for your projects.
  • Hoops - This holds the fabric still so your stitching turns out right.
  • Stabilizers - Applied under the fabric, stabilizers prevent it from stretching or tearing while being stitched.

What Does Embroidery Software Do?

Embroidery software is the basis of every design stitched on a Melco Bravo or any embroidery machine.

The software does multiple things to turn a piece of digital art from a regular design into one that can be stitched onto fabric.

The software first digitizes an art graphic into a digital file that can be understood by the embroidery machine, then assigns stitch patterns for the needle to follow.

Embroidery software allows you to create custom designs, edit existing designs, and apply stitch patterns to the designs so they come out how you want them to look while taking things like fabric type, thread type and thickness, as well as type of thread fill you want into account.

What Is Hooping?

Hooping is putting fabric into an embroidery hoop that holds it and the stabilizer secure so that nothing moves while the needle is stitching the design.

The hoop is installed onto the machine and the needle moves around on the hooped fabric.

After the design is complete, the fabric is removed from the hoop and any extra stabilizer is either cut or torn away from the underside of the design.

Getting Started - Easier Than You Think!

Though it will take some practice especially in learning how to use the software and getting good at hooping, machine embroidery is actually a lot simpler than you might think it is.

Using a fabulous Melco Bravo embroidery machine or even just a basic sewing and embroidery combo, you’ll be making exceptional embroidered thread designs in nearly no time!