Embroidery machines are more technical than standard sewing machines, as they have a number of additional parts. To gain the right skills for using machines like the Janome MB-4S, it is important to know the various parts of the machine and what they do. By referring to the components listed below, those who use Janome embroidery machines will be able to recognize the important parts of their machine and understand the role one plays.

Embroidery Machine Physical Components

Following are some of the components of the embroidery machine:

  • Embroidery Arm and Head - The stitching arm and head work together on embroidery machines to create the stitching. The arm moves the hooped fabric around according to the programmed design, while the head contains the needles, thread, and needle bar.  
  • Needle Bar - The needle bar contains the actual needles and controls their up and down movement during stitching.
  • Embroidery Hoop or Frame - The hoop or frame is common to both hand and machine embroidery. It holds the fabric in place so it is secure during stitching and is made of inner and outer frames between which the fabric is held firmly in place. The hoop or frame is mounted to the embroidery arm to move under the needle as the design is being stitched. Proper hooping and fabric tension is vital for the best results using machines like the Janome MB-4S.  
  • Cap Frame - This is a stabilizing frame used for embroidering hats and caps.
  • Frame Sash - This is also called the pantograph, which is the frame sash that holds the frame tightly connected to the embroidery arm and actually does all the moving. The arm, sash, and frame or hoop move as one cohesive piece under the embroidery head.

Machine Settings and Electronic Controls

Following are some of the settings and electronic controls of the embroidery machine:

  • LCD and Stitch Selection Displays - These are the small visual displays of the various control settings such as stitch selection, pattern information, previews, and all other electronic controls and settings. Janome embroidery machines and most newer, computerized models have LCD displays.  
  • Thread Break Detector and Indicator - The thread break detector perceives a broken thread and immediately halts the stitching process. On the LCD display, the thread break indicator shows where the thread break has occurred to help with a quick and easy repair.
  • Memory Card - Computer memory cards can hold additional pattern and stitch data to be used with embroidery machines or for transferring patterns from desktop computers.
  • Reader/Writer Box - For anyone working with stitch designs and patterns on their computer, a reader/writer box is a necessary accessory. This device records the digital information from the computer onto a memory card, then uploads it to the embroidery machine once the card is inserted.

When working with embroidery machines such as the Janome MB-4S, it is important to identify the unique parts that are essential to the embroidery process. Janome embroidery machines contain specialized components that are essential to the stitching process. By understanding their names, where they are located, and what they do, anyone who does embroidery should have an easier time working with their machine of choice!

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