Anyone setting up a sewing area knows that these rooms need a lot of storage space. While Arrow cabinets and other sewing cabinets provide some storage, avid seamstresses require more ways to keep supplies clean, safe, and organized. Organized storage space also helps reduce wasted time, increasing the amount of time actually spent in front of the sewing machine. From fabric to bobbin spools, consider some of the following great storage ideas to keep any sewing room well organized and clutter-free.

Baskets, Bins and Boxes

There are many different items that need organized storage in a typical sewing room, which allows for the use of containers of all sizes. Clear storage bins and boxes with compartments make perfect containers for everything from bolts and rolls of fabric to collections of buttons, pins, and small notions. Adjustable boxes can be easily set up to accommodate supplies and accessories of all sizes, then stacked neatly on a shelf or put away inside sewing cabinets where they can be easily reached.

Bins available from small to large make an ideal storage solution for larger items and also work well as pattern files. Smaller laundry baskets that fit on shelving are great for storing fabric. There are countless uses for the many sizes and types of baskets, bins, and boxes that can be purchased, making them a primary go-to when organizing any sewing room.

Shelving and Closet Organizers

It is important to keep sewing areas free of clutter since having a lot of open space is important when working with sewing machines. One great way to achieve this is by putting up shelving units in the room for hold stacked containers. They can also be used in the closet.

Shelves or closet organizers offer an attractive means for stacking and putting all of those baskets, bins, and boxes in order. They offer space for hanging up large cuts of fabric and every work-in-progress. Best of all, when contained inside the closet, they disappear when the doors are closed. This helps keep the room looking tidy while protecting all supplies.

In addition, small wall shelves make a perfect home for stacking bins and smaller containers to keep them out of the way and easily accessible.

Use That Wall Space

While shelving closet organizers are obvious necessities for increasing storage space in a sewing room, it is important to take advantage of other space that can be put to use. Walls offer an interesting place to put cork boards and peg boards, both of which can be used to hang, hook, and attach all kinds of items.

Pegboards can be situated over Arrow cabinets that are set up close to the wall and can be equipped with small bins, cups, and thread racks, putting wall space to good use. Bulletin boards with pins and clips are useful for holding fabric scraps, patterns, small notion packets, and much more.

Most seamstresses gather quite a collection of supplies and accessories over time as they enjoy using their sewing machines. To keep all these items from cluttering the room, it is a good idea to organize them with the easy storage ideas noted above. Even though sewing furniture like Arrow cabinets have some space to hold important items, this is often not enough. By adding shelves, bins, and baskets as well as making efficient use of all available space including walls and closets, sewists can benefit from an orderly and organized sewing room!

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