In our last blog, we discussed a few tips for completing sewing projects with flannel. To recap, we talked about buying more fabric than you need, using new needles, and pressing it instead of ironing it. If you have been wanting to learn more tips for sewing with flannel with your new Janome sewing machine, then you have come to the right place. The following is a list of a few more expert secrets for sewing with flannel:

  • Make your stitch length longer- As we mentioned in our last blog, flannel stretches easily, and when you use a short stitch it is more likely to stretch. Longer stitches will get you a much smoother result.
  • Pull out stitches carefully- If you make a mistake and you need to pull out one of your stitches, do it carefully and slowly, as flannel can easily be stretched out place.
  • Choose less-complex projects- Flannel is a pretty cuddly fabric, and this quality makes its seams much bulkier than with other types of fabric. That is why you should choose big, simpler projects, rather than small, intricate projects.
  • Keep your lint brush handy- Not long after you begin sewing with flannel, you will notice that lots of lint is created. The best way to deal with this issue is to keep your lint brush close by, so you can regularly brush away the fuzz that builds up above the needle shaft or around the bobbin on your sewing machine. You will be rewarded for your good cleaning habits with a more professional stitch!