A creative way to turn ordinary items sewn with your American Home sewing machine into something unique and special is by adding tapes, piping, and other trims and other similar sewing supplies.

An even better way to turn your project into a one-of-a-kind piece is by designing your own stacked trim that incorporates more than one of these fun sewing accessories.

When planning the next project to sew using a machine like the versatile American Home AH700, pause and consider how you can make a unique stacked trim to give your item some real character.

Exploring your sewing creativity with a custom multi-element stacked trim is easy as 1-2-3!

What Is A Stacked Trim Anyway?

A stacked trim is basically any trim you want to design for your garment or project that you can make by stacking two or more trims for a custom look.

Stacked trims use a variety of trim types as well as some decorative stitches that you can make with an American Home or similar sewing machine so your edging or highlight looks sort of like a tapestry effect on your project.

Types of Trims to Use for Stacking

With so many sewing machine supplies now available for trimming projects, the sky’s the limit when it comes to designing a custom stacked trim.

Consider different types, colors, and sizes of these and other trims that are available:

  • Binding Tapes, Seam Binding
  • Scrap Fabric Tapes
  • Piping, Bead Tapes, Embroidered Tapes
  • Cording, Braiding, Yarn, and String
  • Rickrack
  • Ribbon, Lace Trims
  • Decorative or Embroidery Machine Stitches.

How Do You Actually Do It?

The great thing about making a stacked, decorative trim on the projects you sew with your American Home AH700 is that there are no actual rules; you can mix, match, and stack your trims however you want.

All you need is a selection of trims to incorporate, an edgestitch presser foot, an open embroidery foot, and potentially a zipper foot if you plan on using any cord, bead, or other three-dimensional trim that stands up from the fabric.

Ideally, you’ll want to start off by laying out your options and coming up with an idea ahead of time so you can decide what order to place the trims.

Then simply start by layering the larger and wider tapes and strips onto the edge of your fabric first, adding the finer or bulkier trims like cording, bead tapes, or braid on top of those.

By layering and offsetting your trims, you can come up with fun new looks for every project you sew!

Let Your Creativity Go Wild With Stacked Trims

Sometimes, the most exciting part of doing a project with an American Home sewing machine is finding new ways to embellish it so it looks truly unique.

Stacking a variety of sewing accessory trims to make a custom-designed one is a great way to stitch character into your piece so it looks truly unique.

Using the few extra sewing machine supplies you’ll need, explore your sewing creativity by enhancing the things you sew with your American Home AH700 by using this fun technique!

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