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What is the one thing that every sewist wants, besides more fabric? You’ve got it - a sewing room with sewing cabinets and other accessories. A dedicated sewing room where you can work on your Arrow 98701 Bertha White cabinet gives you the necessary space to make all those projects you can’t wait to begin. If you have decided to dedicate a room in your house for sewing on Arrow sewing cabinets, get the most from that space by setting it up right.

Plan It Out

The first thing you should do before moving sewing cabinets or anything else in, is make a plan of how you want to set up the room. Whether you are using a spare bedroom, an unused office, or some other space, begin with a diagram of the room, mark the doors and windows, and measure everything - the room, your Arrow 98701 Bertha White cabinet, cutting table, storage, pressing station, and any other furnishings or accessories that need to be arranged.

Think about the different activities you need to do in that space and consider different ways to arrange everything around your cabinet, which is the main item that should be positioned first. Position it close to an outlet and leave enough room for you to comfortably move around it. Then, once you have planned out an efficient layout, move in all your furnishings.

Light It Up

Good lighting is essential for sewing and anything else that involves detailed hand work. Because natural light is always best for giving a much truer representation of color, you should try to set up your Arrow sewing cabinets to take advantage of any windows in the room.

In addition, add enough lighting to illuminate all the different work areas. Use natural light bulbs in any overhead lighting in the room; if there isn’t any overhead lighting or it is not enough, consider installing track lighting. Table and floor lamps near your cabinet and other work surfaces will also be helpful.

No matter how you decide to light your space, never skimp on it. Proper lighting reduces eye strain and ensures projects will come out as expected, without mistakes or poorly matched colors.

Organize It

Once you have your furnishings and Arrow 98701 Bertha White cabinet arranged and lighting set up, it’s time to start organizing. The most useful sewing spaces are those that keep all those accessories, supplies, and patterns neat and organized so they are readily available.

Use baskets and bins, small organizers and plastic totes, basically anything else that can keep your items neatly contained. Find a home for everything so you can keep track of everything you have while keeping your room nice and tidy. Wall and floor shelves will help make the most of your space, as will the storage space inside your sewing cabinet. An organized, clean sewing room is the best working environment for you.

If you are an avid sewist and have finally decided to make a real sewing room in your house, congratulations! A dedicated workspace is the best place for setting up sewing cabinets and other sewing room essentials.

Just take your time deciding on how to arrange everything, especially your Arrow 98701 Bertha White cabinet, to make the best use of your space. Beautiful, spacious Arrow sewing cabinets are a great addition to any sewing room!

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