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When personal sewing machines are being shipped to new owners, they are usually delivered in big boxes - really big boxes. This is not only a sign of quality; it also shows that manufacturers have worked hard to protect each machine that leaves the factory.

While this is a good thing for new Janome sewing machines being delivered, what should you do once the giant box with your Janome 8077 inside gets to you? As excited as you may be to tear it open, slow down and unpack the box properly and you will be able to set the machine up with ease.

Opening the Main Box

Start out by setting the box right side up on the floor. Make sure to choose an area where there is a large amount of space to work. Cut open the packaging tape, being sure not to cut into the contents of the box. Once you open the box, there should be a number of smaller boxes inside.

Since sewing machines have a lot of parts and accessories, manufacturers often put everything in its own bag or box, then put all the smaller boxes into the larger one to reduce the chance of something being damaged.

Removing and Opening the Smaller Items

Next remove the smaller boxes inside the main box and set them all out. Open these individual boxes one at a time and make sure they contain all of the noted parts that are necessary for assembling Janome sewing machines.

You will likely encounter some molded styrofoam packing with small bags or boxes fit or taped to it. Carefully remove each of them and set them with the other parts. Try to avoid breaking the pieces of styrofoam packing as you pull them out of the box.

Removing the Machine Itself

Once you have all the smaller boxes, bags, and styrofoam packaging out of the big container it is time to pull out your machine. Most models like the Janome 8077 will be enclosed in a sturdy sewing machine case that is set into the bottom styrofoam packing.

Using the case handle, pull the machine out leaving the styrofoam in the bottom of the box. If your model does not have a case, carefully remove the machine by lifting under its arm. Set the machine on a table and remove it from the case if there is one.

Check the User Manual

Now that everything is unpacked, find the user manual and begin checking each individual box and bag to ensure that each piece or accessory that is supposed to be included with the machine is actually there. Once you have accounted for everything, start putting the machine together according to the instructions in the manual.

Save the Packaging

Even though the box that most sewing machines are packed in is probably very large, try to keep it with all the interior packing if possible. In the event that you need to ship your machine for an reason or even move it for some reason, the machine will always be the safest in its original packaging.

Your new Janome 8077 should now be fully unpacked and ready to be set up for use. The key to unpacking Janome sewing machines properly is taking your time, keep track of everything removed from the box, and leave the packaging intact as you remove everything.

Once you have finished setting up your machine, the excitement can continue as you get ready to make the very first project on your brand new machine!

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