A dedicated room for your Arrow 98701 Bertha White cabinet and other sewing essentials is every avid sewists’ dream come true. Although Arrow sewing cabinets are a great sewing accessory, having an entire room to work in is even better.

If you have the good fortune to have extra space for a sewing room, be sure to set it up the right way. When properly arranged, sewing cabinets, cutting and pressing surfaces, and storage containers will let you create to your heart’s content without having to deal with an unsuitable workspace.

Choose the Right Space

A great sewing room is one that offers the space and environment you need to work comfortably without interruptions or other issues that can affect your sewing.

Choose your special space by considering details such as the amount of natural light available, size and location of the room, and noise level. Although you can mount task lighting on Arrow sewing cabinets as well as other extra lighting, rooms with filtered natural light are preferable.

Consider how much furniture and other items you must set up and which of your room options will be big enough to comfortably accommodate everything you have. If noise bothers you, take this into consideration as well. The location in your home may predispose some rooms to be noisier than others.

Prepare the Room

Once you have chosen your room, take some time to prepare it before moving things into it. Clean the room thoroughly and remove any clutter and items that do not need to be there. Dust, sweep, and vacuum to remove any dust so you can begin working in a clean environment.

This would also be the best time to add a cheerful coat of paint that can brighten up the room and turn it into a pleasant environment to nurture your creativity.

Set Up Your Sewing Cabinet

When it is time to move in, bring in your Arrow 98701 Bertha White cabinet first and position it in the most comfortable place. When situating a sewing cabinet, put it where you can easily move it and have access to your other workstations.

After you find the perfect place for the cabinet, bring in your sewing machine and set it up in the cabinet. Then you can set up the lighting around your cabinet workspace and have it ready to use.

Arrange the Room

Since the sewing cabinet is the main piece of furniture in the room, it dictates the basic layout of where other workstations and furniture should go. After moving in your cabinet, set up your cutting station, pressing station, shelving, and storage units to hold your many supplies and accessories.

Once the larger pieces have been positioned and set up, add bins, baskets, and other containers to organize and contain all your fabric, notions, and other sewing needs. Last of all, do a little decorating to suit your taste and turn the room into a place where you will enjoy working.

With a little bit of planning, you can turn any spare room into a great place for Arrow sewing cabinets and other sewing paraphernalia. By using an Arrow 98701 Bertha White cabinet as the focal point, you can arrange your room for greatest efficiency so you can work in comfort anytime you wish. Configurable sewing cabinets are useful pieces of sewing furniture that provide you with a large, stable work surface while making your sewing space look appealing!

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