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Selecting and buying a new sewing machine is exciting. Whether you have chosen a Janome 7318 or another model, you probably cannot wait to get it out of the box and start sewing. Of course, there is a little more involved in setting up new Janome or other sewing machines than just opening the box.

To avoid complications with sewing machines that can lead to frustration later, follow the helpful setup tips below that can help get you sewing as quickly as possible.

Unpack the Machine

Open the box and carefully unpack everything. Janome sewing machines come packed in protective styrofoam. Gently lift the machine out with its packing material first, then remove the styrofoam and plastic wrap. Take out any additional items that are inside the box with the machine and set them out, including the hard cover.

There may be additional bags with items packed inside the hard case, so remove all of those as well. Set all included parts and accessories together along with the user manual.

Refer to the User Manual

Once you have taken everything out of the box and your Janome 7318 or other model is out of its case, refer to the user manual. While this may seem boring or unnecessary, most sewing machines are different in small, yet significant ways.

Start out by identifying all parts and accessories shown in the manual and ensure everything is there. Review the various parts and features your model includes. Move on to the setup guide to help you get things started.

Set Up the Machine

Following the instructions in your manual, begin to set up your machine. Work on a flat surface in a well-lit area and follow the manual step by step. Attach all parts and accessories as instructed until your Janome sewing machine is ready for operation.

Use the diagram in the manual to locate all the parts and controls on your model. Plug in the power cord and the foot control pedal cord and turn the machine on. Computerized sewing machines have an LED screen that should light up immediately.

Thread the Machine

Open your manual again and turn to the section on threading the machine. Take the bobbin out from under the needle plate and read how to wind it with thread. Once you have a wound bobbin ready, thread the top of your machine and pop in the bobbin to thread the bottom.

Test Everything

Once properly set up and threaded, your Janome sewing machine is ready for testing. Get some scrap fabric and test the basic stitch function to ensure everything is working as it should. Then continue following the user manual to try the other stitch functions.

Familiarize yourself with the features and functions available. If you encounter any problems, use the manual to troubleshoot and find out what might be wrong.

Enjoying your Janome 7318 begins by setting it up properly, then learning how to use it. Since many sewing machines are operated in different ways, spend some time getting to know your model before you start your first project.

Janome sewing machines are a great value and can provide years of sewing pleasure as long as you follow the directions that begin as soon as you take it out of the box!

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