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Sewing machines seem to work like magic in creating a variety of even and uniform stitches for your sewing projects. In reality, Janome sewing machines like the Janome HD3000 produce perfect stitching using a number of mechanisms that must all work in unison for stitches to come out correctly. The good news is that fixing common stitch problems is relatively easy by using just a few simple techniques.

When Stitches Just Don’t Look Right

If you have spent any time using sewing machines, you know the difference between the way correct stitches look and those that do not turn out looking right. Some of the stitch problems you may experience include skipped or uneven stitches, thread bunching and knotting, tight or loose stitches and thread breakage. All of these issues prevent you from accomplishing your sewing projects.

So what can you do about these problems? When you begin to experience stitch quality or thread issues, stop what you are doing and go through the list of things most likely to cause these problems.

Remedy Stitch Quality Problems

Most of the time, stitch quality problems with Janome sewing machines stem from a few common issues. Fortunately, these concerns are usually easy to correct by doing the following:

  • Rethread the Machine - Before doing anything else, completely unthread your machine, including the top and bobbin thread since a simple threating issue could be the problem. Clean the machine to ensure there is no lint or other debris stuck under the needle plate or in the tension discs. Then carefully rethread the machine. Many times the problem will be alleviated.
  • Change the Needle - In addition to rethreading and cleaning the machine, it is also a good idea to change to a fresh, sharp needle. Fabric snags, thread knotting and nesting, and skipped stitches are common with dull needles or needles that have been bent and are not functioning properly. Make sure you use a needle that works well with your fabric and type of thread; using the wrong needle increases the chance of stitch quality issues.
  • Use High Quality Thread - To prevent or resolve stitch problems like nesting and frequent breakage, always use a high quality, fresh thread that is suitable for the fabric you are using. Old or cheap thread is often brittle with lower quality fibers that do not perform well on machines like the Janome HD3000.
  • Check Thread Tension - If you are still experiencing stitch quality problems after doing the above steps, improper thread tension could be the problem. Although most sewing machines come pre-set to a universal tension, it is possible for the tension to become unadjusted and/or need adjustment when working with a certain fabric. Follow the instructions in your user's manual on how to adjust your machine’s tension and whether it should be changed for certain fabrics, then try again.

In most cases, stitch quality problems with sewing machines like the Janome HD3000 are caused by simple issues that can be resolved with the four tips mentioned above. With the right needle, thread, and tension setting, properly threaded Janome sewing machines should produce perfect stitches every time.

Should these easy remedies not resolve your stitch quality issue, your machine may require servicing by a repair shop certified to work on your brand!

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