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If there is a budding young sewist on your Christmas list this year, a sewing machine might be the perfect gift. Available in entry-level models suitable for kids or beginners, quality sewing machines like the Janome 2212 give new sewists a chance to develop their skills and grow their passion for sewing. Find the best Janome sewing machines for kids by using these easy tips.

What Age Is Suitable for A Sewing Machine?

While many kids develop an interest in sewing in their early teens, some may want to learn this activity as early as 7 or 8 years old. As long as the right entry-level model is chosen and there is proper supervision, this is a perfectly fine age to start motivated sewists out by using the real thing.

What Qualities Should A Child’s Sewing Machine Have?

Sewing machines designed for use by kids and beginners are very simple models on which they can learn the basics without having too many bells and whistles to deal with. Still, it is important you choose a quality model that has all the important features necessary for good sewing:

  • Pedal or Push Button - Entry-level machines usually come with either a pedal control or a push button switch. Controlling the stitch speed with a pedal may be challenging for some kids when they first start out. Pushbutton models only turn on and off, stitching at one speed. Pushbutton models may be better for younger children who are developing hand and foot coordination.
  • Presser Feet - Presser feet either snap or screw on. Some lower quality machines may have presser feet that fall off easily, exposing the needle. Check to see how easily the feet can be snapped on and off and how secure they are. If there is any question about the feet falling off, use quality screw-on feet and make sure they are tightly attached.
  • Basic Stitches - In terms of stitch variety, beginners have need an entire catalog of fancy stitches while they are still learning the basics. Choose an entry-level model like the Janome 2212 that does straight, zigzag, and reverse stitching, with perhaps a small selection of additional stitches to which a child can advance.
  • Easy Threading - Threading is usually the most challenging part of sewing for kids. Be sure to purchase a model with a simple threading function that has easy-to-follow instructions. Kids who get frustrated before they can even begin using their Janome sewing machines may quickly lose interest in the hobby.
  • Bobbin Winding  - An entry-level model suitable for kids should also have a simple bobbin-winding function that works easily and can be done with smaller, less skilled hands.
  • Books and Videos - A number of entry-level machines designed for children include easy-to-understand instructional manuals and/or fun instructional DVDs. These can also be purchased separately and included with a beginner sewing machine.  
  • Portability - If it is likely the recipient will want to bring the sewing machine to different places, look for a model that is solid yet light enough for a child to lift and carry. Purchase one that comes with its own carrying case for even easier transporting.

Quality entry-level sewing machines like the Janome 2212 can make be an enduring Christmas present for kids and teens who want to learn a great hobby. To choose the right model, consider the experience level and tips noted above. Janome sewing machines are available for all skill levels and make wonderful Christmas gifts for sewists of any age!

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