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There are presser feet for nearly anything you may want to do make with a Janome sewing machine, each one designed to make sewing easier. The roller foot is not a standard foot that comes with most sewing machines; however, it is definitely worth purchasing as it makes stitching some bulky and specialty fabrics easier.

If you like experimenting with different fabrics, using a roller foot with the Janome 2212 or other machines will ensure that your stitching comes out just right.

What Is A Roller Foot?

A roller presser foot is an attachment that has tiny textured metal wheels or rollers that help feed fabric beneath it while sewing. There is a wide roller at the front of the foot and two smaller and thinner rollers at the back, one on either side of the needle.

A roller foot is a great presser foot to have in your accessory kit, especially if you enjoy making projects that call for different bulky or sticky fabrics. It makes sewing such fabric easier to work with. It also has an opening wide enough so you can use a variety of stitches.

How Does a Roller Foot Work?

A roller presser foot works in conjunction with the feed dogs to evenly feed problem fabrics under the needle. Normally a presser foot slides over most fabrics. Fabric that will not slide smoothly under a standard presser foot can bunch up and pucker, affecting your stitches.

When a roller foot is installed on a Janome sewing machine, it alleviates this problem by allowing the fabric to advance smoothly under the needle. The larger, textured traction roller in the front presses the fabric down securely as the feed dogs advance it.

The action of the feed dogs causes the roller to turn while continuing to maintain pressure on the fabric. The smaller, rear wheels keep the fabric flat on both sides of the needle, preventing it from balling up or crumpling while it is being stitched.

When Should You Use A Roller Foot?

Roller presser feet are great to use when you want to sew any type of fabric that is thick, voluminous, or has qualities that prevent it from advancing easily under a standard presser foot. This foot is great for sewing denim, leather, vinyl, velvet, velour, moleskin, fleece, and any other fabric that will not feed well with a standard foot.

It is also useful when stitching over or close to seams as the roller keeps the seam flat as it passes under the needle. In addition, a roller foot can be used to sew certain trim and binding that may be more difficult to hold in place with a standard presser foot.

The next time you work with thick, difficult, or shifty fabric that will not feed correctly, try a roller presser foot. This helpful attachment is available for most units, including quality Janome sewing machines and can save you a lot of frustration. You can achieve professional-looking results with your Janome 2212 regardless of what type of fabric you decide to use!

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