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There is nothing more beautiful than garments made using heirloom stitching. Although it looks challenging, did you know it can be done using sewing machines like the Juki TL2000Qi? Heirloom designs can be done more easily than you may think by using many of the built-in, decorative stitches that come with those great Juki sewing machines!

Heirloom - More Than Just Fancy Stitching

Heirloom stitching is a method of decorative stitching used to create ornate and decorative garments with special fabrics and threads. Commonly added to this are different trims like ribbons, pearls, and piping.

The name mentions only the "stitching," yet heirloom stitching is an inclusive name for using fabric, trim, stitches, and special techniques such as gathering, ruffling, and puffing to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind items.

Although traditionally done by hand, heirloom stitching can also be done with today’s more advanced sewing machines by using some of many decorative stitch functions.

Heirloom Stitching with Your Sewing Machine

To make beautiful items with classic heirloom stitching done using Juki sewing machines and others with built-in decorative stitches, all you need is your creativity and the ability to follow a few tips:

  • First Practice With Your Machine - Since the focus of heirloom stitching is decorative stitching itself, try out the different stitches your Juki TL2000Qi can do before you start. Even better, create a stitch sampler so you will have an example of all the various stitches you can sew and refer to that when planning your project. If your machine also does embroidery, experiment with those stitches as well.
  • Try Different Needles - While many decorative stitches can be made using a single, standard needle, you can make even more designs and effects using twin or even triple needles. Learn how to use these needles on your machine and add those examples to your stitch sampler. Try out a winged needle for decorative hemstitching as well.  
  • Use the Right Threads - When making heirloom items, use a stronger thread to construct the garment and thinner, more decorative threads to embellish it. Cotton-covered polyester makes a good thread for putting the garment together and can also be used for embellishment. If you'd like to use something more delicate for the decorative stitching, the best options are finer polyester, silk, rayon, mercerized cotton, and some metallic threads.
  • Have Different Presser Feet Handy - When you’re working with sheer and lightweight fabrics, decorative stitching, and many different types of trims, presser feet are your handy helpers. Some of the most commonly used feet for heirloom projects include: cording, ribbon, and piping feet; pintuck, gathering, and ruffling feet; blind and rolled hem feet; and others that can help you make specialty stitches. Make use of decorative techniques and attach ornate trimmings.
  • Learn Heirloom Techniques - Learn some of the great fabric and trim techniques that are often used to make heirloom items. This will further expand what you can do with your fabric, thread and decorative stitching. Practice with smocking and pinstitching. Learn how to make unique effects with your fabric like cathedral windows, sharks teeth, and windowpanes.

When it comes to heirloom stitching with sewing machines like the Juki TL2000Qi, the sky's the limit with how many designs and effects can be made from fabric, trim, and decorative stitches. Get the most from your efforts with Juki sewing machines by following these simple tips. You'll be surprised at how easily you can create an amazing heirloom worthy of handing down!

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