Sewing Cabinets

Making beautiful and useful projects using your sewing machine can become addictive after a while. This addiction usually brings with it many accessories and supplies that should be stored in a roomy sewing cabinet such as those made by Arrow.

Yet what do you do when you have filled your sewing cabinets and there are still items to organize? You get creative. Try the unique storage ideas listed below plus your Arrow 98701 Bertha White and keep your sewing room tidy and organized so everything is where it should be when you go to reach for it.

Drawer Organizers

Desk drawer organizers or kitchen silverware trays are perfect accessories to fit into the top drawer included on many sewing cabinets. Available in multiple sizes, some are even adjustable to the width of the drawer. These organizers offer large and small spaces for storing many smaller supplies that you want to keep handy yet organized near your sewing machine.

Store things like pins, tape measures, fabric shears, thread spools and bobbins for your machine and anything else you frequently reach for as you work in these organizers. You can also purchase smaller plastic bins in multiple sizes at a dollar store and line your drawer with them.

Spice Racks

Whether mounted on the wall or spun on a spindle, a spice rack with a lot of clear, capped jars makes a wonderful addition to a sewing room. These jars are perfect for storing pins, buttons you have organized by type, and other smaller supplies that will stay safe with tight lids until you need them.

Clear Glass Canisters and Cookie Jars

For larger items such as thread spools, fabric trim packets, yarn balls, and other supplies, clear canisters or flat-sided cookie jars with glass or metal lids work very well and also look nice. They can be set on wall shelves close to your sewing cabinet. You will have everything you need inside the cabinet while the canisters remain close by, out of the way.


Another overlooked yet quite handy sewing room storage solution is a pegboard mounted on the wall close to a workstation. Pegboards are great for hanging rulers and measuring tapes using metal s-hooks. You can even organize patterns using a pegboard pin or a basket hung off a peg. Hanging clamps off the bottom row of pegboard holes to clamp pattern packs and other bagged supplies or hang cutting tools is another good idea.

Spinning Art and Desk Organizers

If you like the idea of keeping often used items close by on your Arrow 98701 Bertha White cabinet, try a rotating desk or art organizer. These organizers have tall, upright compartments in the center for holding longer items like scissors and rulers. Around the outside of this container use shorter compartments to contain smaller, loose items. Set this in the corner of your work surface and give it a spin to find what you need.

Bowls and Baskets

When it comes to storing larger items, which could be anything from thread spools and trim to patterns, fabrics, and more, you can never have too many baskets and bowls. Wooden bowls, large ceramic display bowls, and all kinds of pretty baskets make convenient and attractive storage spaces that are both decorative and keep your room organized.

Cubby Storage Cubes

Storage cube furniture has become very popular in recent years, for great reasons. They are useful just about anywhere, but especially so in your sewing room. These cubes stack as tall as you need and can be used as-is, or with baskets inserted into the cubes to store a variety of sewing room necessities. They also provide a top surface for some of those bowls and baskets mentioned above.

Instead of getting frustrated when you realize all the storage space in your Arrow 98701 Bertha White cabinet has been filled, get creative. Arrow and other sewing cabinets provide one storage solution; however, you can find many others by simply repurposing various office, kitchen, and household items. When used in addition to sewing cabinets, these bins, baskets, cubbies, and hangers ensure you will have a convenient and safe space for every accessory you need when sewing fun projects!

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Sewing Cabinets