Quilters who decide to start a venture using long arm quilting machines may be a bit nervous at first. After all, these giant machines are much larger and different than standard quilting machines like the Juki Exceed HZL F600. Yet there is nothing to fear. By using the following easy tips, anyone who is just getting started on this type of machine quilting will get much enjoyment from them and the beautiful quilts they create.

Stay Relaxed and Calm

Although they may seem intimidating, long arm quilting machines are actually fairly easy to use. Anyone who already uses machines such as the Juki Exceed HZL F600 can pick up the skills it takes to use these units quite easily. Stay relaxed to reduce arm, back, and neck tension; breathe deeply to relieve any anxiety as this is much easier than it may seem and it can be a whole lot of fun.

Start Simply

As with other new things, begin quilting on a long arm slowly to understand the entire setup and how it works. Start with a simple project that involves fewer fabric pieces and less detail to get accustomed to using the sewing head and working on the rails and frame. Practice straight and curved freehand lines, how to use groovy boards, and various sewing techniques to quickly become a pro with these impressive quilting machines.

Keep Sewing Tools Handy

Long arm machines take up a large amount of floor space. To reduce the amount of time spent looking for things that are out of reach, keep a tool tray or box filled with sewing necessities on top of or close to the rails on a small table. Include pins, sewing needles, marking tools, scissors, and anything else used frequently.

Front or Back, Have A Good View

This unique sewing device is unique because it can be used from the front or the back depending on the user’s preference. Most of today’s options have handles on the front and the back for this very reason. Starting out, learn from the front; after becoming more accustomed to the machine, do not be afraid to move to the back. The most important detail, whether standing in front or behind of the unit, is having a good view of the entire project as well as the sewing head.

Keep the Quilt Square

When working on a quilting frame, it is important to keep the project square and roll it precisely on the frame to not have a crooked pattern. Avoid stretch by first measuring the height and width of the project before putting it onto the frame. Then continue to measure the width as it is rolled to ensure the quilt is not stretching. Pin the project in place onto the frame after confirming there has been no stretch. If there is a problem, unroll and correct it before affixing the quilt to the frame again.

Long arm quilting machines can be exciting tools for creating amazing projects. Although they do require some practice, those people moving up from short arm quilting machines like the Juki Exceed HZL F600 will find great pleasure in doing this type of sewing. With these helpful tips, anyone can get the hang of using long arm machines and create some truly amazing finished pieces!

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