Decorative sewing that is done on embroidery machines such as the Janome MB-4S can produce some amazing results. Although machine embroidery can be a bit challenging to learn at first, those who learn what to do become accomplished at this type of designing and enjoy creating beautiful and colorful thread creations. Keeping this in mind, even beginners can learn how to use Janome machines to create delightful sewing projects with the easy tips referenced below.

Learn About The Machine

The first tip for doing any type of sewing is learning how to use the unit and become comfortable with it. Ideally, those who want to learn how the features of these units should know how to use standard sewing machines before attempting to stitch on embroidery machines like the Janome MB-4S. They should then study all the various functions and settings the unit offers and how to control them. It is important to know how to change the needles and feet, how to attach and use the hoops, and how to load designs. Practice makes perfect is certainly true here.

Use the Right Needles and Threads

A standard embroidery needle may be fine for many projects, but it may not be good for more delicate fabrics. Always choose needles that can pull the strand through the fibers and back out again without damaging them. Smaller needles are capable of more delicate stitching with a finer cord. For best results with Janome embroidery machines, always choose the highest quality thread in a thickness that can pass through the cloth with the appropriately sized needle. The higher the quality of the thread, the less prone to breakage it will be. If necessary, try needles and strands on a practice piece of fabric proper results.

Choose the Right Fabric Stabilizers

Stabilizers are essential for the best results with decorative stitching because they protect the fabric while it is being stitched. There are cut-away stabilizers that are useful for knit and stretchy fabrics. A tear-away type, which is better for woven materials, can also be used. Stabilizers can be used on the top of the fabric, underneath it, or in both places depending upon the design being sewn, stability, and stretchiness of the cloth. Other things to consider when using this protective fabric is the type and thickness of the thread. This material is available in various thicknesses that will lend varying degrees of support depending upon the very same variations previously referenced.  

Learn and Practice Hooping

Hooping is one of the special techniques that anyone starting to use embroidery machines must learn. The hoop is the main method of supporting the fabric on the unit; it must be at the right tension so it can be easily stitched without any damage. Fabric must be hooped so it lays naturally over the hoop without too much or too little tension.

Experiment with Stitches and Fabric

One of the most appealing things about sewing on Janome embroidery machines is the countless effects and variations that can be achieved with different fabrics and threads. In order to get the desired results, it is important to experiment and learn how different fabrics react with a variety of threads and stitch settings.

Stitching on embroidery machines like the Janome MB-4S is like painting with thread. Of course, there is a learning curve that requires practicing new sewing techniques. Yet these skills can be easily mastered with a little patience and some experimentation. After gaining confidence about using Janome embroidery machines, those who enjoy embellishments will be able to stitch the most impressive designs on their projects for all to see!

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