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Having a baby is a happy time in every mother’s life. If you are a new mom who also enjoys creating things using sewing machines, this hobby may be even more fun and rewarding now. For the sewist moms who are just itching to get back to their Juki sewing machines, there are many fast, simple, and useful baby items you can make.

Following are a few easy projects to stitch on your Juki HZL-DX7. These projects are also great for grandmas, aunts, and friends who sew as they will make thoughtful gifts for a new mom.

1. Burp Rags

Other than diapers, burp rags might be the item new moms need the most. Thankfully, they are very easy to make. Using sewing machines, you can stitch up a stack of burp rags in as little as an hour. Burp rags are usually made of soft, washable fabrics in bright baby colors and prints; however, you may even be able to make them out of scrap fabric from other baby projects.

2. Quick-Sew Baby Blankets

Baby blankets are another simple project that even beginner sewists can master. It is easy to make a two-sided blanket with adorable prints by using your Juki sewing machine. These coverings are made by seaming the two fabrics together and adding a bit of edging or trim. They can be made from bolt fabric or even a set of soft, flannel bed sheets.

If you want to get a little fancier, add washable quilt batting between layers of soft cotton and do some freeform stitching on top. Blankets in a variety of sizes are always useful.  

3. Changing Pad Covers

Other essential baby room necessities are changing pad covers. As often as these pads must be switched, having a few extra around is always a good idea; yet purchasing changing pad covers can get expensive. Using a simple pattern and some elastic, you can create an endless supply of these pads with a machine like the versatile Juki HZL-DX7.

4. Bibs

Baby bibs come in all shapes and sizes. A mom can never have enough clean bibs around, starting with tiny burp bibs for newborns to full bibs with pockets for babies who are a little older. Bandana burp bibs are simple to make and can be whipped up in minutes. You can also get really creative when making bibs if you want to. Either way, they are smaller projects that can be finished in one sitting and put right to work.

5. Fabric Binkie Clips

Binkie clips are one of the best inventions for babies and moms. They are also very easy to make using Juki sewing machines. This project does require that you add a clothing clip at one end and a ribbon at the other; however, the process is very easy. Best of all, you can make really cute clips with very small amounts of fabric. You will get your money’s worth from fabric purchases by putting even the scraps to good use making handy items like this.

6. Soft Toys

The sewing fun does not have to be limited to just baby care items, either. There are plenty of patterns online for fast and easy stuffed fabric toys that are great for babies just starting to take interest in the world around them. Fabric balls, alphabet blocks, and even simple stuffed animals are great projects for new moms who want to get creative.

7. Diaper Bags

If you are looking for a project that is useful but a bit more involved, every mom needs a diaper bag to tote around all of a baby’s needs. You can make a simple tote, or add pockets where you want them so you can go out in style without leaving behind any essentials.

The next time you are looking for a quick project to make on a fun sewing machine like the Juki HZL-DX7, try one of the great ideas above. With Juki sewing machines, you can make all kinds of useful baby items that not only will save you money but give you a creative outlet as well!

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juki sewing machines

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