Most home sewing machines are designed to handle an average amount and type of work that any sewist making clothing, home decor, and other items might need.

They are not meant to function as industrial sewing machines like Consew 205RB Industrial machines that are built to withstand long hours of continuous, heavy duty use; however, the occasion may arise when you need to do some heavier stitching to finish a project.

If you don’t have access to a Consew industrial sewing machine that can use heavier thread, try these tips to temporarily turn your standard home machine into a powerhouse like an industrial one so you handle the tough stitching you need.

1. Use Heavier Thread

You probably won’t be able to use thick, industrial grade thread in your home machine; however, you can usually use an upholstery-grade thread in the upper needle of your home machine that is heavier than all-purpose thread.

Combined with a strong all-purpose thread in the bobbin, your personal machine is one step closer to giving you stitching similar to what you would get with an industrial sewing machine.

2. Change The Needle

Remove the universal needle and replace it with a heavy-duty needle designed to pass through the heavier fabric you are stitching.

Denim needles and leather needles work well as they are very sharp and also have a larger eye that can handle the thicker thread.

A word of caution when working with thicker fabric: only stitch fabric that your machine can handle as forcing it could strain the motor and damage the machine.

3. Make A Wider Seam Allowance

Another way to add strength to the seams of heavier fabric that will yield results similar to that of a Consew industrial sewing machine is to increase the size of your seam allowance.

Use an allowance of at least ½ or ⅝ inch so there is more fabric to hold onto and reduce the chance that anything will fray and fall apart.

4. Topstitch for Added Strength

Secure and strengthen your seams by spreading open the allowance or folding it over and topstitching along the front.

Use upholstery thread if you’d like your stitches to look more pronounced or switch back to all-purpose thread in both the top needle and bobbin for a less pronounced look.

Turn Your Personal Machine Into An Industrial Sewing Machine

Though it would be nice if we could all have a standby industrial sewing machine like the Consew 205RB at our disposal whenever we need it, for most sewists owning such a machine just isn’t practical.

Fortunately, if you change a few things on your personal machine, you can do some occasional heavy-duty sewing when you necessary.

Avoid using your home machine continuously for heavier work that is better suited to a Consew industrial model; however, on an as-needed basis, you can usually get away using this technique to make a project that calls for thicker, heavier fabric and stronger seams!

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