So you’ve found the perfect pattern to make on your quilting machine and fallen in love with it, except for one problem - it’s too small for your bed.

You have a king and this pattern is designed for a queen or even a full-size bed, so that won’t work, which means it’s time to find something else - or is it?

Well, the good news is that when you find a gorgeous pattern you really want to make with your quilting machine but it’s not the right size for your bed, you can still do it!

Using one of these creative yet easy techniques, you can turn any smaller pattern into a larger quilt that fits a bigger bed with a lot less fuss than you might imagine as long as you know the dimensions of how big you need to make it.

1. Increase the Size of the Border

The easiest way to make a smaller quilt pattern fit a bigger bed is to simply add more fabric around the main design.

Figure out how much larger the quilt needs to be both lengthwise and widthwise, divide that number in half, and add that many inches of additional border around the whole thing.

This method will work great for any type of quilt design that you’re making on your quilting machine, whether it’s composed of blocks or not.

You can keep it solid or be creative, whatever you think will look best and achieve the goal.

2. Increase the Size of the Blocks

If your pattern is made from multiple blocks, you can also increase the size of each block so the pattern is the same, just bigger.

This method takes a little more planning, as you need to recalculate the size of all your block pieces; however, once you’ve done that, the rest will go as usual.

3. Add More Blocks

Another easy option for making any block pattern quilt bigger is to simply add more blocks.

Sewing enough additional pattern blocks with your quilting machine to add another row and column or two might be the perfect solution for this type of quilt without needing to do anything else.

You’ll just need to make the border bigger to account for the extra width and height since it will be different than what’s stated in the pattern.

4. Add Sashing Between Blocks

Yet another technique you can use to make a quilt larger than the original pattern to fit a larger bed is to add sashing in between all the blocks.

Depending on how much bigger you need it to be and the actual design of the quilt, either solid or patterned sashing could enhance the design while adding width and length to the overall size.

5. Combine Methods Until It Fits

Last of all, a combination of more than one of the above ideas or even all of them could be the perfect answer that turns a smaller quilt pattern into one that’s big enough for even a California King.

Larger blocks or more blocks when combined with sashing between and a wider border around the whole thing might do the trick perfectly.

Easily Alter Any Quilt Size To Fit

Changing the size of a quilt so it fits your bed is easier than you might think.

Using one of these practical ideas, you can modify the design of a quilt top so the finished project will fit, then stitch it up as normal on a quilting machine like the amazing Grace Qnique 21 Pro.

Whatever you decide to do, just remember that the bigger the quilt, the more fabric you’ll need.

Plan your changes ahead of time so you know how much to buy.

Any way you do it, these ideas will work great on your quilting machine so you can turn that favorite pattern into a gorgeous quilt that fits!