There’s a world of colored fabric out there for you to use when making things with sewing machines; yet sometimes, you simply need to use black. Sounds easy enough until you start working with it. Black fabric can be a challenge for certain reasons.

Fortunately, if you keep a few tips in mind when sewing with black fabric on Janome sewing machines like the Janome 2212, you can avoid the frustrations that many people deal with.

Always Pre-Wash Black Fabric

Whenever you're using very dark fabric regardless of the purpose, always prewash it. Pre-washing gives fabric a chance to shrink before cut for stitching on sewing machines as well as remove all excess dye. If you don’t do this, black dye could bleed when washed or sometimes even worn.

Begin your project by pre-washing your fabric in cold water and rinsing until the water runs clear. If necessary, wash again and add some white vinegar to the rinse to help set the color and prevent future bleeding.

Work In Natural Light

It's more difficult to see detail when you're working with black fabric because black absorbs light. Yet using Janome sewing machines to make things is all about the details, right? The best way to improve your visibility while measuring, pinning, cutting, marking, and sewing black fabric is to work in natural light if at all possible.

Work during the day when you can open window shades or curtains all the way and let in the sunlight, as natural rays will allow you to see more detail. If you don’t have the luxury of a naturally-lit sewing space, use task lighting with daylight LED bulbs as they are the best substitute.

Whichever method you choose, just be sure to thoroughly light the area to improve your visibility and reduce mistakes.

Use Gray Thread

Although black thread is a sewing staple and may be the first thing you reach for when sewing black fabric with your Janome 2212, avoid using it. Black thread is nearly invisible when sewing, making it really difficult to keep an eye on what’s happening.

Instead, save your eyesight and use dark gray thread. This color is just different enough that you can see it as you sew but when finished, it's just as undetectable as black thread.

Keep A Lint Roller Within Reach

No matter what kind of black fabric is used, it will pick up every little piece of lint, fiber, thread, or pet hair on your work surface. You can't prevent it while working; it’s a fact of sewing life. You can get it off quickly and easily with a few swipes of a lint roller. Keep one with your sewing supplies and use it as needed while working. Then go over your project completely once it’s finished to remove any unsightly flecks and pieces.

Black is such a basic, versatile, and important non-color that artists of all kinds including those who work on sewing machines can incorporate into their work to make beautiful projects.

When you're making clothing and other items with black fabric using Janome sewing machines, it’s important to take these precautionary steps to make it easier on yourself. Get perfect results with your Janome 2212 while avoiding the mistakes that can make dealing with black so frustrating!

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