Sewing Cabinets

Anyone lucky enough to have an entire room dedicated to sewing should set up their machine and other equipment effectively for the best organization. To get the most from these spaces, it is important to arrange sewing cabinets and other furnishings comfortably so they can be easily used.

Arrow sewing cabinets, like the Arrow Norma Jean Model 351 sewing cabinet, make a great addition to any sewing space. Yet it is important to plan ahead and initially organize the room so there is easy access to all equipment, accessories, and storage.

Draw A Room Layout

The best way to arrange any workspace is to start by creating a layout plan of the space. Measure the room dimensions, then create a drawing of the room using either graph paper or a room layout computer program.

Once the room size and shape has been determined, measure and place doors that indicate the direction they open, then add in any windows. By using these drawings, it will be easier to determine where Arrow sewing cabinets, worktables, and storage shelves can be positioned.

Measure and Place Furnishings

After the basic room layout drawing has been created, measure the length and width of all equipment and furnishings that will go in the room. Using those dimensions, add in sewing cabinets, cutting tables, storage shelves, and ironing stations. For a hand-drawn layout, either draw in the pieces where they seem most comfortable or create scale cutouts that can be moved around the drawing to try out various ideas.

Room design programs typically include the ability to add furniture that can be scaled to size. Once the furniture pieces have been added, move them around the room to decide on the most workable layout.

Effective Furniture Arrangement

Another good tip is not to assume that every piece of furniture must be placed against a wall. Placing an Arrow Norma Jean Model 351 sewing cabinet away from the wall may work depending on the size and shape of the room as well as the positioning of other accessories and furnishings.

The time to get creative is before bringing any pieces into the room. Imagine various settings and try the ones that seem effective and comfortable. Consider natural lighting, doors, and access to various surfaces, leaving enough open floor space to move around all workstations.

Creative Storage Options

One of the most important things when organizing a workspace is ensuring there is adequate storage. Consider arranging a variety of boxes and bins inside the closet and storage furniture for efficient use of available space. Leave adequate work space in the sewing room itself.

Most sewing cabinets include storage, so this used as well. Do not forget the wall space above work surfaces. Shelving and other types of storage fixtures can be placed on walls to increase space and provide ample walking and work areas.

Arrow sewing cabinets come in varieties to fit the needs of many sewists. Depending on cabinet and room shape and size, sewists should organize the space so their Arrow Norma Jean Model 351 sewing cabinet and other furnishings are positioned efficiently for easy access. By incorporating sewing cabinets into a great room layout and using some creative storage ideas, a great looking and user-friendly sewing room can be set up that will result in a wonder working experience!

Arrow Norma Jean Model 351 Sewing Cabinet In White

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