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The finishing touch on any quilt project made on quilting machines like the Juki TL2010Q is the edging or binding. Binding is what covers the edge of the many layers of fabric and batting, giving the entire project a neat and finished look.

There are two types of binding that can be used:  premade binding strips and handmade binding. Read below to learn how each type is made as well as which to use and when with each quilt produced on Juki quilting machines.

Pre-Made Quilt Binding

Pre-cut bias fabric tape makes a great and simple-to-use edging for quilts. It is readily available at any fabric store, comes in a wide selection of patterns and colors, and is double-folded, which is perfect for use as quilt binding.

Pre-made tapes are typically cotton and bias cut, which is useful for quilts with rounded corners. It is also fairly inexpensive, making it a good choice for those looking for a faster and more convenient way of adding binding to projects made with the Juki TL2010Q and other quilting machines.

Handmade Quilt Binding

Making binding by hand is more time-consuming since it requires the careful measuring and cutting of strips of fabric; however, there are many benefits in using handmade binding. There is no limit to the selection of fabric that can be used to make this tape. Any suitable fabric in any pattern or color can be made into binding.

Handmade tapes can be made in a variety of ways to suit each project. Both straight and curved edge quilts can be easily bound with great results. Handmade binding also gives sewists the option to make a thinner or thicker edging simply by how the tape is cut.

How to Choose the Best Option

To choose the best binding for a quilt sewn using Juki quilting machines, the main things to consider are convenience, curves, and quilt use. Generally speaking, any project designed for actual use should be bound with handmade tape since it tends to be softer and more flexible, adding more comfort. If the project will be a wall hanging, either type will do. Many opt for pre-made tape because it is convenient and easier to stitch.

Another consideration is the need for bias cut tape on projects with rounded edges. For the best looking and most flexible edge on a quilt with rounded corners, it is usually a wise idea to make bias cut handmade binding. Yet if the project is square and the binding will only be done vertically and horizontally, then premade tapes should work well.

The right binding can make any quilt sewn on Juki quilting machines look finished and ready to use or hang. For the best presentation and function, it is essential to understand the few, yet important differences between handmade and pre-made binding tape. Although they are generally interchangeable on most projects made on quilting machines like the Juki TL2010Q, there are definitely times when handmade tape is preferable over the pre-cut, store-bought type!

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