Have you had a chance to read our last blog yet? We discussed a couple of the steps you should take before you start cleaning your sewing machine. We talked about what supplies you will need and how to prepare your sewing machine. The following is a list of the rest of the steps you will need to take to clean your cheap sewing machine:

  • Start cleaning!- Once you’ve removed the flat bed attachment, you will see a great deal of lint and gunk! This is where your tweezers and brush will come in handy. You can use your small brush to wipe away a lot of the lint. Make sure you look in the nooks and crannies in your machine, you will probably find dust bunnies hidden away, which is when your long tweezers will come in handy.
  • Clean the bobbin case- If your machine has a removable bobbin basket, now is a good time to remove it, and start cleaning it. Before you remove it, focus on where it is located in your machine. This will help you to put it back correctly after you’ve cleaned it.
  • Clean under the needle plate cover- Grab your disc shaped screwdriver, remove the needle plate cover, and clean it out with your brush and tweezers.

Always thoroughly read your machine’s manual before you start cleaning. Some machine manuals even suggest using a handheld vacuum! You should never use canned air to clean your sewing machine, as you could force the dust even further inside. Once your machine is all nice and clean, you can start putting it back together!