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A great thing about making projects on sewing machines like the Janome 2212 is the endless variety of fabrics available for you to use. With so many choices of fibers, colors, and patterns, you can create one-of-a-kind items with Janome sewing machines in the colors you prefer. With so many options, how do you pick the right thread color? Try these tips to pick the perfect thread so your completed items look just right.

Complementary or Contrasting?

If you are like most sewists, you have collected quite an assortment of thread in different colors as well as varieties of those colors. All of that leaves you with numerous choices. Pick the perfect thread for your fabric by deciding whether you want to use a complementary or contrasting thread color since each gives your project a different look.

If you don't want the stitching to be visible in the finished project, use complementary colors. If you do want the stitching to be visible so it acts as a fine detail, use contrasting colors.

In either case, for projects created on sewing machines to look their best, the thread should be the right color and the right hue. You just want to find the one that will produce the best look.

Match Thread to Fabric

The easiest way to find the right thread for projects made on your Janome 2212 is by comparing threads to your fabric. Lay a fabric swatch on a well-lit surface and pull out a length of thread from each spool. Then lay the thread tails in a line on the fabric next to each other and compare them.

If you're looking for a complementary color that blends in so the stitching is not visible, choose the thread that seems to disappear the most when laid over the fabric. If you are looking for something contrasting, choose a color that stands out when laid over the fabric as much as you need it to be.

As mentioned above, try to match hue in both cases so you end up working with shades of the same colors and not shades of technically different colors. If working with patterned fabric, do the same thing but include the different color options that could best blend with the pattern.

Match Fabric to Thread

Most of the time, the method of matching your thread options to the fabric will work just fine in helping you choose the right thread for projects to make on Janome sewing machine. If you still cannot decide, try doing the opposite and matching a piece of your fabric the thread spools.

Do this by laying out the spools side by side, then draping some trimmed fabric threads or a skinny strip of fabric over the spools. Once again, the color that is least noticeable under the fabric is the best complementary choice and you will have varying degrees of contrasting choices. Select the color that best matches the hue and gives the blending or contrasting effect you want.

Picking the best material to use for the projects to be sewn on your Janome 2212 or other sewing machines can be challenging. To ensure your creation looks as intended, you also need to choose the right thread. Whether you want your stitches to disappear into the fabric or act as a minor embellishment, choose the right thread quickly and easily using the above techniques. When you work with Janome sewing machines, be happier with your work by taking the few extra minutes to do this comparison and select the right thread!

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