Good foot pedal control is a skill that all sewists develop over time while using their sewing machines more and more.

Whether a beginner learning on a basic machine like the Janome My Style 100 or have already graduated to a more advanced Janome machine, foot pedal control and knowing your natural stitching speed will help finish projects faster and without the mishaps that can happen when the machine runs away with your fabric!

After learning how to properly use a foot pedal, discover your own natural stitching speed that will allow for precise stitching on all sewing projects.

What Is Natural Stitching Speed?

Natural stitching speed is the stitching speed at which you feel most in control of the fabric as it moves under the sewing machine needle.

It's sort of like finding a a comfortable cruising in a car that is neither too slow or too fast.

Natural stitching speed will change depending on different factors like the type of project, how long the fabric piece is, how the fabric is responding to the needle, etc.

Just like you’d adjust the cruising speed in a car on different roads, a natural and comfortable stitching speed will change according to different conditions.

Why Does Finding A Natural Stitching Speed Matter?

There are actually two reasons to find a natural stitching speed: speed up the sewing process and increased accuracy.

The first and simpler reason is because it can be a really slow process if you keep the machine stitching at a crawl no matter what is being sewn, which is where control of the foot pedal comes in.

Experienced gained with a particular machine and its pedal gives confidence in the speed at which any sewing can comfortable sew - not too fast but certainly not too slow!

The second reason why figuring out natural stitching speed on a machine like the Janome My Style 100 is important comes down to accuracy.

Sewing too fast makes it hard to guide the needle where it needs to go or to hold the layers of fabric or seam allowances in position while sewing and can lead to problems like stitching right off the stitch line and having to pull out stitching, which is pretty annoying, time-consuming, and having to start all over again only going at a slower stitching speed.

How To Find Your Natural Stitching Speed

Getting in the zone and finding your natural stitching speed starts with good pedal control and continues with an understanding of the stitch speed control on any of the various Janome sewing machines.

It takes some trial and error, but the reward will be great once you figure it out.

Doing fine detailed work will be done considerably slower while sewing basic fabric like cotton or even doing free-motion stitching with the feed dogs down will be done faster.

The main considerations for finding a perfect, comfortable stitching speed no matter what part of the project is being stitched should be based on degree of fabric control and how the stitches look.

As long as you still have the ability to guide the fabric while managing all folds and layers that yields a good consistent stitch quality, the result will be a source of pride.

Stitches that become too long or too short or the fabric that is unwieldy and hard to guide under the needle means you’re sewing too fast, so slow down a little bit which will feel more comfortable.

Finding that perfect stitching speed groove is what natural stitching speed is all about!

Find Your Natural Stitching Speed - And Sew On!

An important detail for finishing any type of sewing project is knowing how to properly use your sewing machine.

Finding your own natural stitching speed encourages a sense of ownership of your Janome My Style 100 without losing control of the fabric.

Sewing at a brisk, yet controllable pace is the best recommendation for getting uniform, quality stitches from a Janome sewing machine!