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Making clothing with personal sewing machines is a great hobby that can produce useful and stylish results. Whether making a gift for someone or sewing clothes for yourself on a Janome Magnolia 7318, you want everything to look as if it were professionally made.

Avoid the “home-sewn” look by using these easy tips for making garments with Janome sewing machines that look they came straight from the store.

Use the Right Sewing Tools

Using the right tools is the simplest way to ensure that anything made with personal sewing machines stitches up easily, fits well, and looks professional. From a sharp set of fabric shears or rotary cutter to using the right presser foot, your tools will greatly influence the final results.

Choose the Right Fabrics and Thread

Cheap fabrics look "cheap," even after a garment is finished. Use high-quality fabric and choose the most suitable types for the what you want to make for a professional look.

Buy good thread that will last and always match the color of your fabric. Even if you have to rethread your machine a few times because spools with stronger thread hold less, it will give your clothing a more professional look.

Tailor to Fit

Garment fit is one of the main areas where home sewists give away how a garment was made. Although it takes longer and requires more time to fit your patterns, always tailor clothing to fit the wearer.

Instead of looking shapeless, garments sewn on quality Janome sewing machines will look custom made.

Press and Finish the Seams

Pressing seams as you work is a critical detail in achieving flat, smooth seams. Once the seams have been stitched, be sure to finish them so no raw edges are visible, perhaps with serging and french seams.

These are two steps that every professional sewist uses to ensure seams are flat, strong, and attractive. Get the same results by making pressing and finishing an essential part of your sewing process.  

Always Use Staystitching

Another technique used by professional sewists is staystitching for easier sewing around curves. This stitching takes only a few extra minutes to put in but does wonders in helping you make perfect flat seams.

Avoid the bunching and waviness that is a sign of a homemade garment with staystitching so that the clothing you sew with your Janome Magnolia 7318 stitches up correctly and fits well.

Learn to Set In A Zipper

Zippers are one of the most commonly used closures for a variety of clothes. Yet they can be a bit challenging to put into a garment.

Instead of avoiding zippers and choosing a less appropriate closure, perfect stitching them so your clothing looks like it was skillfully made in a factory.

Add Trim - Use It Carefully

Trim can add great character to a garment. When used appropriately, piping and lace add a lovely professional touch. Just remember that it is easy to overdo it with trim or to use the wrong kind.

Choose trim wisely, use it sparingly and learn the right ways to add it to your clothing. Completed garments will look like they were commercially designed.

Always take your time when making clothing on Janome sewing machines like the Janome Magnolia 7318. You will avoid mistakes and catch all the little details that can make home-sewn clothing look obvious. Wear or gift the garments that were handmade on personal sewing machines with pride when the compliments begin to flow!

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