We all would love to end up with picture perfect sewing projects, but that just isn’t always the case. When you sew with bulkier material, it is common to end up with bulky and unsightly seams. These seams prevent your ending project from looking smooth and professional. Luckily, Sew Vac Direct is here to help! So, before you pull your supplies out of yoursewing machine cabinet to work on your next project, keep the following tip in mind.

When you are working with thicker fabrics, always keep the excess seam allowance trimmed nicely. In other words, layer the width of the seam allowance after you have already sewn everything into place. These layers will reduce the appearance of bulkiness, and make your projects look a lot more professional. You may be able to get away with not layering the seam for the majority of your project, but you will want to be diligent about doing it around corners and curves, like wristbands and collars, as this is where the bulkiness tends to be the most obvious.

Don’t let bulky seams make your projects look overly DIY. Next time you are working with a thicker fabric, get the sleek, professional look that you love by being consistent about trimming the excess seam. Keep this tip in mind each and every time you pull your supplies out of your sewing machine cabinet, and you will absolutely love the result! For more tips and tricks on sewing, check out our entire collection of blogs!