Choosing a sewing machine can seem like an intimidating experience since there are so many brands to choose from today. It is important to select the right type of sewing machine, including Juki and other brands, to achieve the best results from that investment. Because each person has different needs when looking to buy a sewing machine, the following tips can help determine which unit is right based on intended usage.

What Will the Machine Be Used For?

There are three main types of sewing machines: standard machines, quilting machines, and sergers. So the first question to ask is: "How will I use the machine?" Technically, all sewing can be done on a standard machine; however, quilting machines and sergers have features that make them desirable for quilting, making certain types of clothing, and other projects.

Some machines may also be more suited for use with heavier fabrics than others. It is important to have somewhat of an idea of how the sewing machine will be used in order to choose the right one.

What Features Are Available and Desired?

Sewing machines are available in many varieties, from the very basic to the feature-loaded. Some features include zigzag stitches, adjustable width and length stitches, and automatic needle threaders and thread cutters. There are also units with bobbin indicator lights, adjustable needle positions, and a variety of sewing feet. Some models include foot and knee controls, adjustable speed control, and many other components. Juki sewing machines, as well as many other brands, offer a variety of conveniences and features.

Therefore, it is important to determine which of the features referenced above are important and which are not quite so necessary in order to choose the right machine. Of course, the more features a sewing machine has to offer, the higher its price will be. Still, for machines that will see a lot of use, some conveniences are definitely worth paying a little extra.

Try Some Sewing Machines Out

After searching for sewing machines based on their intended use, price range, and any important features that should be included on the machine, the next step is to find a place where the machine can be tested. Juki and other good quality sewing machines can be expensive. So just like when buying a car, it is important for the sewer to take any machine they are interested in for a “test drive,” if possible. Try out all the different features and adjustments to see how they perform. Most importantly, be sure the machine is comfortable to use and performs as expected or needed.

Bring fabric from home to try with different machines to get a true feel about the machines, as dealers tend to provide stiffer swatches that perform well with just about any machine. Take notes on each different machine, documenting likes and dislikes. After trying all the machines under consideration, compare notes on all the positives and negatives about each machine.

Deciding on a sewing machine definitely requires some research and time to try out all the various models. These are very important steps when considering an investment in any one of the various type of machines, including Juki sewing machines . For the best use and most enjoyment from any sewing machine, it must be properly suited for its intended use. It should also provide all the necessary features the sewing machine owner needs. Finding the right sewing machine means working with a model that will be a pleasure to use for years to come!

Juki Excite HZL-G210 Computerized Sewing Machine