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Creating beautiful and useful projects on sewing machines like the Juki TL 2010Q is a great way to spend your extra time. Sewing can be a fun hobby. Yet for some, sewing is more of a passion than just a hobby. So how do you know if you are a truly passionate sewist?

If you can relate to some of the ideas discussed below that other people seemingly can't, you are definitely among those who find that tirelessly working on Juki sewing machines to be a passion rather than just a hobby.  

  • You Guard Sewing Scissors with your Life - You realize how important sewing scissors are to your projects, but does anyone else in your household? The very idea of someone using your fabric scissors to cut anything other than fabric makes your skin crawl!
  • Seam Rippers - A Love/Hate Relationship - Needing to use the seam ripper to undo mistakes made when using your sewing machine is annoying to the point where you want to just toss it in the trash. Yet you know this little tool quickly helps you get back on track so you can pretend that mistake never happened. It will just be your little secret!
  • Thread and Fiber Bits Are Part of Your Wardrobe - In the same way that you can always tell a pet lover by the hair on their clothing, you can also identify a passionate sewist. When thread bits and little fiber trimmings have become normal clothing accessories, chances are you have gone beyond the hobby stage. This is particularly true if you have stopped caring and no longer try to pluck all of them off!
  • That Feeling When Fabric Stripes Match - Properly matching stripes so your project looks perfectly aligned is a skill that takes time to develop. Being able to easily match stripes on any project you are making with your Juki TL 2010Q is a real testament to your skills!
  • Cheaply Made Factory Garments Annoy You - After countless hours of learning how to cut, size, match, and sew all types of garments, you now notice all the flaws in cheaply made clothing - and it annoys you. You especially notice little details like mismatched stripes, plaids, and patterns, knowing you could have done much better!
  • Pride When Your Work Is Complimented - Compliments on your projects from family and friends make you smile and feel a great deal of pride. When these compliments come from total strangers, this pride increases to elation!
  • Victory When Finishing Before Wound Bobbins Run Out - It is always a guess when you try to wind just enough bobbins for a project without having to stop and wind more. When you get down to the very end, it is like winning a race when you manage to finish your project just before the last one runs out!
  • Excitement of Buying a New Machine or Accessory - Chances are, you already have a good selection of accessories in your sewing room; yet there is always room for more. It is a great day when you buy a new accessory. Getting a new Juki sewing machine is cause for a week of celebration!
  • Excitement At Delivery Of Your Fabric Order - Do you want even more fabric? No problem! Even though you have tons of fabric stacked up in your workspace, new fabric arriving at your door still gets your heart racing as you think about the many great projects you can complete!

If you are smiling at any of the above descriptions, chances are your love for working with Juki sewing machines has far surpassed the hobby status and you are a really passionate sewist. When your friends and family members simply do not understand your excitement at spending hours on a sewing machine like the Juki TL 2010Q or how particular you are with your accessories, know that you are not alone. Just know that there are many other sewists out there who share your passion and understand all the thoughts that go through your head when it comes to sewing!

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