Interested in learning to use a sewing machine but think it looks too complicated?

Truthfully, as long as you are patient and go about it the right way, you too can learn how to sew using Necchi sewing machines, Juki machines, or other brands that make learning this fun and important skill easy.

Try these helpful tips to get started with a machine like the easy-to-use Necchi EX30 sewing machine and you’ll be making incredible stitched projects in no time!

1. Start With Good Simple Sewing Machine

Learning any new skill begins with having the right equipment and for a new sewist, that includes having a sewing machine that is uncomplicated, works well, and feels right when you use it.

It’s good to begin with a simple machine that will allow you to easily learn the basics without having to deal with a lot of complex controls and adjustments.

There are many uncomplicated models available that are great for beginners to learn on and grow with.

2. Gather Your Supplies

A good machine to learn on is only part of what you’ll need if you want to experience trouble-free sewing and learn the correct processes.

Always begin with the important supplies needed to do good work including sharp fabric scissors or a rotary cutter, a cutting mat, high quality thread, chalk marking pencils, measuring tape, pins with a pincushion, and a sharp seam ripper; expect to use all of these items as you learn.

3. Try Book, Video, and DVD Tutorials

If you are teaching yourself to sew on a basic machine such as one from Juki, rely on the many tutorial resources available to help you.

Purchase a good instructional book for beginners and then use online videos and DVDs to help as well.

You can also join an online sewing forum for help from others or enroll in classes at your local sewing shop.

4. Start Small to Learn the Basics

Avoid allowing yourself to become discouraged when learning to use a sewing machine like a Necchi by taking on something that’s initially too difficult for your skill level.

Start out with smaller, simpler projects that give you a chance to learn the basics of sewing before you move on to more advanced projects.

5. Sew What You Want to Sew

In keeping things simple, pick projects that actually interest you so you will stay motivated and involved.

If sewing starts to feel like homework or a chore because you’re not enjoying what you are making, there’s a greater chance you will drop the hobby before you actually learn it and experience any feelings of achievement.

Even on a basic level, sew something that keeps you coming back until it’s finished.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

Like learning any other skill, learning to use a sewing machine takes practice.

Expect that it will take some time for you to get comfortable with your machine and learn how to control it to the point where you can move up to a model with more features like a Necchi EX30 computerized sewing machine.

7. Stay Relaxed and Keep It Fun

Above all, remember that sewing is supposed to be fun!

You may feel a little nervous the first few times you use your machine; however, don’t let that dissuade you from learning.

Stay relaxed, accept that making mistakes is part of the learning process, and gradually improve your skills by making fun projects that you enjoy.

Ready to Start Learning to Sew?

Even though everyone learns at a different pace, anyone can learn to use a sewing machine with patience, perseverance, and a relaxed attitude.

With a good beginner Juki or Necchi sewing machine and all the basic supplies, you will learn in your own time as there is no rush.

Before you know it, you’ll be making beautiful items and moving up to a better machine that will let your sewing skills shine!


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