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In a lot of ways, sewing machines are like cars. They are reliable provided they get the maintenance and replacement parts necessary to keep them running well. One of the easiest yet most important things those who own any type of sewing machine including Janome sewing machines like the Janome 7330, must do is to change the needle frequently. This simple and inexpensive maintenance can prevent many stitching issues and ensure that sewists get the best sewing project results.

The Needle Is A Wearable Item

All machines with movable parts have certain elements that can wear out from use and must be replaced every so often. The main wear item on a sewing machine is the needle, which begins to dull after some time. Sewing machines are designed so the needle can be easily replaced in a matter of minutes, making this maintenance one of the fastest and cheapest things a machine owner can do to keep it working well. Every sewing kit should have a supply of needles handy, so there is no reason not to change the needle regularly.

Damaged and Dull Needles Cause Problems

Even though needles on machines like the Janome 7330 may feel sharp to the touch, the point dulls from use and loses its precision. Why is this important? It is important because a dull needle can cause a lot of damage to both the project being sewn and the machine itself.

Dull needles make bigger holes in the fabric as they push the thread through, leaving behind unsightly spaces. They can also snag the fabric, causing damaging pulls in the fibers. Dull needles break thread easier because they do not pierce the fabric as cleanly.

Most significantly, a dull needle that cannot easily pierce the fabric could become bent. This could affect the machine’s timing if it strikes the bobbin or bobbin case as well as cause even greater damage to the tip of the needle which could increase damage to the fabric. A strike on the bobbin case can also create a burr (a little shred of metal) on the end of the needle that breaks the thread and creates pulls in the fabric. Dull and damaged needles, as simple as they may seem, are responsible for a lot of stitching issues and can even cause damage to expensive sewing machines.

Change the Needle Often

The best way to preserve both machine and fabric is to change the needle often. At the very least, needles should be replaced with a fresh and sharp one after every 8 to 10 hours of machine use as well as at the start of every new project. Needles are very inexpensive, much more so than Janome sewing machines, so there is really no reason not to perform this easy maintenance task.

Just like cars and other mechanical things, sewing machines need proper maintenance. The first, most simple, and least expensive maintenance item for Janome sewing machines like the Janome 7330 is changing the needle regularly. With a sharp needle, sewists can avoid frustrating issues like thread breakage and fabric pulls as well as prevent more serious concerns such as timing problems and needle burrs. A nice, sharp needle installed at the start of every project is the best way to love any machine!

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