Quilting Machines

One of the most creative outlets for working with fabric is quilt making. Whether you do it by hand or with quilting machines like the Juki HZL F600, quilting is a fun and satisfying pastime that offers you many additional advantages. Therefore, rather than thinking about all the reasons to avoid starting a new project, look on the brighter side. There are all sorts of great reasons why creating with Juki quilting machines can be your best choice.

  • Boredom - Whether boredom stems from work, household chores, or even involvement in a current project, the best way you can cure it is by starting something new. Starting a project always bring excitement, especially if this is the one you actually finish.
  • Fabric to Buy and Use - Buying fabric can quickly become an addiction. What better way to use all that fabric or even rationalize the purchase of more than to start a new quilt? It will also keep those great Juki quilting machines in good use.
  • A Holiday is Approaching - No matter what the holiday may be, there is generally a theme associated with it. This is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of creativity and expand your sewing skills while recognizing that occasion!
  • Husband Took the Kids Out - Every mom deserves some downtime from having to deal with the house, the kids, and everything else. When hubby takes your kids out for the afternoon and the place gets blissfully quiet, enjoy the free time by working on a new quilt.
  • The Dog (or Cat) Confiscated Your Quilt - Pets are members of the family and they know it. When the family cat or dog takes over a favorite quilt from the couch, don’t fight over it - replace it! Everyone can then be comfortable and warm with their own cozy quilt.   
  • Someone is Having a Baby - A new baby is a joyous occasion for more than just one reason. Babies need blankets, so there is no better time to get working on a new quilt. People are always having babies, so the need for you to sew a quilt on quilting machines like the Juki HZL F600 is never-ending. This also applies to graduations, weddings, and other significant life events.
  • Instagram and Facebook Need Some Attention - When social media starts to get a little boring, you can generate interest by posting step-by-step photos of a new WIP. There are many people out there who love to see beautifully sewn projects coming together. When the project is completed, the praise you receive can also be nice.
  • Retreats, Bees, and Getaways - What is better than sitting at home working on a new quilting project? Working on that same new project in the company of others while on vacation is also fun. Share the love with other sewists who appreciate the craft just as much as you do and get a lot of quilting done.
  • Bare Walls - Besides their usefulness, quilts are also works of art. Creativity is limitless and flows constantly. You can spread creativity in the home and cover up bare walls with a piece of fabric art sewn on a Juki HZL F600 or even by hand.
  • Living Room Needs an Update - Living room updates can be expensive. Since not everyone can afford to go out and buy a new couch, why not improve the look of the existing one by draping it with a beautiful quilt?  
  • A Well-Deserved Day Off - Days off were just made for you to be sitting at a quilting machine creating new wall hangings and special occasion gifts. Put that time off to the best use and get sewing.

If you think there is just not enough time or a good enough reason to start a new project, think about the occasions mentioned above and get stitching. Besides putting that Juki HZL F600 or other Juki quilting machines to good use, starting a new quilting project means gift giving, an expression of creativity, and a great way to avoid boredom while relaxing with something fun. Best of all, it means you can go out and buy more fabric to start the next project, too!

Juki Exceed HZL F600 Quilt Pro Special Computerized Sewing Machine

quilting machines

Juki Exceed HZL F600 Show Model Quilt Pro Special Computerized Sewing Machine

quilting machines