Sewing Machines

Home sewing machines like the Janome 2212 are great to work with for making clothing and other great sewing projects. You can make beautiful, professional looking garments with quality Janome sewing machines when you use the right techniques.

Avoid the common mistakes discussed below to make your garments look better and achieve the best results with all your sewing projects.

Using the Wrong Fabric

Garments turn out best when they are made with the right type of fabric for the pattern. When making clothing, you can use whatever fabric you want; however, unsuitable material will leave your garment looking the way it was designed. Use the fabric selection guidelines on the pattern when choosing your fabric to get the most professional results.

Failure to Consider Grain, Alignment, and Nap

For any pattern to look its best when sewn on Janome sewing machines, it is essential that your pattern pieces be properly cut from the fabric. Make sure the pattern pieces are laid with the grain as instructed on the pattern and double check to make sure they are straight.

Crooked or incorrectly cut pieces can affect both the pattern and the fall of the fabric. Likewise, ensure the pattern pieces are laid in the same direction when using fabric with nap or directional prints. Failure to do so can cause the garment to look very different once it is completely assembled.

Using Wrong or No Interfacing

Interfacing provides important support to certain fabrics and garment parts like curved necklines or behind delicate mesh as well as where maintaining shape is critical to the design. Professionally designed and sewn clothing always uses the proper interfacing when necessary. Skipping interfacing or using the wrong kind of interfacing where it is needed is a sure sign of a homemade garment.

Not Marking Pattern Pieces

After you have cut out the pattern pieces, it is essential that you go back and mark the fabric with all pattern marks and guides. They are there for a reason. They instruct you on things such as notches, darts, seam allowances, and other important details that will affect the look of your garment.

Do not start sewing on your Janome 2212 before transferring all marks to your fabric and planning your project to include these important instructions.

Not Pressing While Sewing

Pressing your seam allowances may not seem that important; however, it can greatly improve the way a garment turns out. Straight, flat allowances pressed prior to stitching while working on the garment helps create straight seams. Straight, accurate seams ensure a garment will fit the way it should, without ripples, wrinkles, or unevenness.

Using the Wrong Hem

Hems are another important finish that can make a garment sewn at home on Janome or other sewing machines look unprofessional if done improperly. Many garments need a blind hem for them to look their best. A standard hem allows all the stitching to be visible, which can look out of place and draw attention to the stitching itself.

Leaving Seams Unfinished

Nothing cries out homemade more than unfinished seams. Even though they can’t be seen on the outside, seams affect how a garment fits as well as allows the seams to fray and fall apart if not properly finished. There are many different seams you can make depending on the fabric and pattern style. Always finish your seams with one that is neat, appropriate for the garment, and will not fray or loosen.

The important lesson to learn from this is that no matter how anxious you are to start sewing on Janome sewing machines like the Janome 2212, it is important to slow down and consider all the small details. When it comes to using sewing machines to make professional-appearing garments, the little details really make a difference. If you avoid the common mistakes above, you will be much happier with your results!

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