Quilting Machines

Quilting is not just sewing, it is making art with fabric, thread, and quilting machines. Every person’s ideas are different, as are the results they get when making projects on Juki quilting machines like the Juki TL2000Qi.

Although quilting involves a continuous learning process, it is still boundless in terms of what you can and cannot do. You can make beautiful and creative quilts by observing the tips below to get started and experiment on your own.

Realize Perfection Does Not Matter

Art is not perfect; neither are quilts made by hand or with quilting machines. Many people become overly frustrated by stitching that is not perfectly straight or batting that does not lie perfectly flat. You can avoid this unnecessary frustration by realizing that your projects do not have to be perfect.

You will make mistakes as you learn new techniques and become more practiced. Do not get discouraged. Finish your project because a finished quilt is more impressive than one you have given up on because you made a few mistakes.

Use Matching Thread

When choosing thread for your projects, always choose a color that blends in well and matches the main colors in your fabric. As simple as this little detail may seem, thread color makes a huge difference.

Contrasting thread colors usually stand out too much for freeform stitching and could detract from your overall design when block quilting. Using the wrong color can make mistakes more visible. You will be much happier with your results if you use a thread that blends in when sewing quilts on machines like the Juki TL2000Qi.

Use Stitching Freely and Creatively

Beginners typically start out by making projects on their Juki quilting machines that contain mainly straight stitching. Yet do not feel that you have to stick to straight stitching. Free form stitching is very creative and gives you free reign to create whatever design you want. Add it to block quilts or use it alone.

Regardless of where you use it, exploring different ways to use stitching is more than just a way to hold the layers together. Use free form stitching to create the quilting portion of your project in ways that enhance the pattern or design.

Keep On Quilting

Above all, keep on quilting no matter how your first few projects turn out. The more you practice, the more familiar you will become with your machine and the better your projects will look. You will gain more confidence to explore free form stitching and other techniques as well as learn to follow your creative urges to produce unique quilts. Most of all, the process will become easier, which will increase your enjoyment.

Before you start a new project whether it is your first time using quilting machines like the Juki TL2000Qi or you have been doing this for a while, keep the tips referenced above in mind. Quilting is a form of art and art is not perfect. It is a creative process whether you use paints and brushes or Juki quilting machines. Stay relaxed and enjoy the process while you learn how to make beautiful quilts!

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