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Although it may not happen often, you may need to travel with your sewing machine. Whether you want to bring home a great machine discovered while on vacation or bring a unit like the Janome 2212 as you travel, this can be done with some advance planning.

To get from one place to another without damaging expensive machines like Janome sewing machines, use the handy tips below for safe sewing machine travel.

Mode of Transportation

While most people who want to take their sewing machines with them travel by car, the need could arise for a machine to be taken with you on an airplane. Traveling by car is simple, since almost any properly packed machine can be put in the trunk or back seat where it will be safe.

To ensure safety on an airplane, it is important to confirm with the airlines if the machine can travel as carry-on baggage or if it needs to be checked. Since carry-on baggage is limited by dimensional size, many smaller machines like the Janome 2212 easily fit within those limits when packed securely in its carrying case, although larger models may not fit. In such a case, the only option is to pack it very carefully and check it as a bag.

Packing the Machine for Safe Transport

To safely transport Janome sewing machines and other portable models, be sure to prepare it correctly as follows to prevent damage:

  • Prepare the Machine - Put the presser foot down with a piece of fabric between the foot and feed dogs to protect both and prevent scratching caused by foot movement. Remove and pack spools and bobbins separately. Put the needle in the upward position or remove it altogether and pack it as well to prevent breakage.
  • Pack for Car Travel - If the original box is available, pack the machine into this box. Include all padding and foam, then securely close the case or tape the box to reduce bouncing and friction. If the original box is not available, pack the unit into a suitably sized box with foam, fabric, or other padding around it. Set the box or case on the floor behind the front seat or lay it down in the trunk for safest positioning.
  • Pack for Carry-On Air Travel - The preferred method for air travel is as carry-on baggage. Put sewing machines into their original carry cases if they meet the dimension requirements for carry-on baggage. Otherwise wrap the machine in a sheet or blanket and tape it. Fill all extra space in a correctly sized box with soft filling on all sides. Securely tape the box closed. A strong, secure box with sufficient padding should provide plenty of protection for checking a machine as baggage, if necessary.

The main thing you should note when traveling with your sewing machine is to include enough padding to prevent bouncing and vibration. The original carry case or padded box is always preferable; however, any strong, secure, and well-padded box will also suffice.

Smaller models like the Janome 2212 should easily qualify as airline carry-on baggage, while larger Janome sewing machines can be safely checked once carefully packed and padded. Don't forget to bring all essentials along as well, like the power cord, thread, spare needles and other sewing necessities to make your sewing vacation totally enjoyable!

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