Something that every active sewist dreams of is having a big, well-equipped sewing room set up with sewing cabinets and chairs, storage components, and all the equipment they could need to do any type of sewing.

Every beautiful and spacious sewing space begins with the same basics which you can start acquiring piece by piece at any time to slowly equip your space with an Arrow sewing cabinet like the Mod Squad 4-piece Modular Combo.

Start with the right basics and your sewing room, regardless of what type of cabinet you start with, will be the perfect environment in which to create amazing things!

Choose the Right Sewing Space

Before you buy anything or start moving sewing machines and heavy furniture around, choose an ideal space to turn into your sewing room.

You will obviously need a room that’s large enough to hold all your sewing furniture yet leave you enough room to work comfortably.

Whether you already own an Arrow cabinet and other similar sewing furniture pieces or are planning on buying these items, pick a space that gives you enough room to set it up so you can make efficient use of the space that makes using all your workstations convenient.

Plentiful Electrical Outlets and Lighting Are Essential

Choose a sewing space with plenty of electrical outlets and preferably lots of windows for natural lighting.

If there isn’t enough lighting in the space you want to use, plan to supplement any lighting deficiencies with high-quality floor and task lighting so your space is bright enough that colors are correctly represented and headaches or eye fatigue avoided because of working in bad lighting.

Choose the Right Sewing Furniture

When buying sewing furniture such as a cabinet, drawer storage, cutting tables, and other pieces, carefully choose ones that will give you maximum functionality for the space.

If your sewing room is smaller, you may want to select a multi-purpose cabinet that combines features including storage drawers and racks, expandable work leafs, and other features that let you store items when not in use.

There are countless styles and sizes of sewing cabinets to fit machines of all kinds as well as rooms large and small.

Bring In Lots of Storage

Because your primary sewing machine is the centerpiece of every sewing space, choose your Arrow cabinet first and then bring in other components.

After the cutting and pressing stations are positioned, start adding storage components to arrange in the remaining space left.

Make use of wall height to maximize smaller floor space and consider adding closet organizers or storage shelves in a closet if you have one.

Go Modular for Gradual Expansion

A final tip for creating a fabulous sewing space is to go modular with your components so you can slowly expand as time goes by.

Whether cost is an issue or all you need is a simple setup right now, choosing a modular setup like the Arrow Mod Squad 4-piece Modular Combo which you can build onto piece-by-piece is a great option.

In doing so, you’ll have everything you need to start out yet retain the ability to further equip your space as the need arises.

Sewing Space Final Thoughts

Setting up a sewing room that’s comfortable and looks inspiring is not as hard as you might think.

As long as you choose a good room with ample space, plenty of outlets, and good lighting as a foundation, everything else is simple.

This easy plan for choosing your room, the right sewing cabinet and chair, and then additional pieces to fit your sewing needs will have you seated behind your sewing machine in no time.

If you go the modular route, you can keep on improving your workspace as money allows and need demands!