Embroidery machines can be used in many ways to create stunning pieces that resemble thread paintings on fabric. Did you know that there is also a way to combine stitching done on embroidery machines like the Janome MB-4S with fabric painting? By using the combined methods of thread stitching and ink painting, it is possible to create amazingly beautiful and unique designs. 

Best of all, the technique requires only simple line stitching and easy-to-use permanent fabric inks. The process has been compared to stitching a coloring book page onto a garment, tote, tapestry or some other wonderful item.

Ink and Embroidery - What A Combination!

Embroidery looks beautiful when used to create detailed thread art; however, it is difficult to create such masterpieces. Decorative stitching done on embroidery machines like the Janome MB-4S requires practice, patience, and experience to create these difficult designs. The beauty of using ink with embroidery is that it offers another simple way to add great color to stitched designs with only outlining and some needle embellishment; the rest is done with a brush. As much or little detail as desired can be added with the machine.

With this combination of fabric embellishment, even those who are just learning how to use Janome embroidery machines can produce exciting and colorful designs without the aggravation or cost of a lot of expensive thread.

Fabric Ink for Use with Embroidery

There are a number of products used for inking embroidered fabrics. The most popular ones are ink pencils and sticks or blocks. After the open line design is sewn onto the fabric, ink is added by coloring it within the lines just like a coloring book. Once the color has been applied dry using the pencil or block, it is then activated with a brush that is dampened with water, aloe vera gel, or textile medium. Once activated yet not dry, the ink can be blended just like paint on a canvas.

Fabric Choice and Preparation

Creating fabric designs using outline embroidery starts by choosing the right fabric. Since the whole purpose is to add color via paint, it is best to use a natural fiber fabric in a light color. Cotton and canvas are just two examples that work great for this purpose; each produce different results. Since the fabric must first be sewn with embroidery machines, consider things like holes that may be left behind, the type of thread required, and other aspects.

The goal is to sew a dark outline that will look attractive by itself on the fabric, then be embellished afterward with ink . Be sure to pre-wash the fabric to pre-shrink the fabric and remove any coatings that could affect ink absorption.

Outline stitching designs for inking is a great use for Janome MB-4S  embroidery machines. Using this fun and easy technique, an appealing illustration can be turned into a full-sized, colorfully inked and sewn design that makes a unique addition to many projects. This combination technique is a great option for owners of Janome embroidery machines, offering an entirely new way to unleash creativity!

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