We’ve either all been there before and if we haven’t, we surely will be one day.

Staring at a partly finished quilt ready for the quilting machine and losing the motivation and creativity to get it done.

What do you do when that pile of fresh, new fabric starts calling before you’ve completed the project that’s currently on your quilting frame or piled up on your sewing cabinet?

Try some of these tips to make quick work out of finishing when you want to get it done fast and easy!

1. Stitch An All-Over Free Motion Pattern

One of the easiest ways to finish a quilt that’s ready for stitching is to simply mount it up onto the quilting frame and - just - start - stitching!

Free motion quilting using an all-over design is the easiest way to get the project done with the least amount of effort as you move the needle over the quilt sandwich, creating your own personal stitch design.

Worried that it won’t look nice? Use a template that you can repeat all over the top.

2. Stitch a Directional or Grid Pattern

Even easier than stitching an all-over pattern with your quilting machine is a grid pattern that takes little more than deciding how wide you want the grid spaces to be and then quilting.

Grid patterns require little more than making rows of vertical lines down the quilt, then crossing them with horizontal lines.

Simple, quick, and neat, you’ll have that quilt finished in almost no time at all.

3. Follow the Pattern In the Fabric

Another easy option for quickly finishing a quilt is using the pattern in the fabric or the shapes of your design as a stitch guide.

Outline any shapes, create free-form designs within specific areas, or use templates with designs small enough to fit within the shapes or designs.

In doing so, you’ll create a unique pattern all your own while still having the benefit of the pattern or shapes as a guide.

4. Divide Larger Spaces Into Smaller Ones to Stitch

If the idea of stitching a design over the whole quilt on a quilting frame intimidates you and has been keeping you from starting, try breaking it up into a few sections by stitching out a very large grid, then filling those areas one-by-one.

Alternately, you can divide the whole quilt into uneven or wavy segments and add a different stitch fill to those areas to create an interesting, varied stitch design.

5. Let the Thread Do The Decorating

Lastly, consider what you can do using straight lines and colorful thread.

Using thread of different colors and widths, straight stitches, or even some of the decorative stitches your quilting machine can do, you can easily create beautifully stitched designs in long, vertical rows that can be completed very quickly.

Motivated To Finish That Nearly-Done Quilt Yet?

Using fun and simple stitching ideas like these, you should be!

It’s easier than you think to turn a quilt sandwich into a beautiful finished project when you try these stitching ideas on your longarm machine and frame or even a standard sit-down quilting machine.

Though there are some amazing examples of using stitching as a design element in quilting out there, you always have the option to go with something easier to get your project done faster rather than leaving it in a pile not getting done at all!