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If you have been making garments on home sewing machines for any amount of time, chances are you have used or at least know about interfacing. You are probably also familiar with fusible adhesive and web adhesive that are used in many projects.

All of these things are helpful in achieving the right look when sewing items on Janome sewing machines like the Janome HD3000; however, each has its own purpose. To use them correctly, it is important to know what they are and their differences.

What Is Interfacing?

Interfacing is a fabric that is attached to the back side of fabric to add stability and prevent the fabric from stretching out of shape. Interfacing comes in many weights, types, and colors. It is usually applied to the inside of the project parts that need more substance for the fabric to lay properly.

Interfacing also reduces the transparency of some sheer or mesh fabrics. It is available in sew-on varieties that must be stitched to the back of the fabric or fusible types that are ironed onto the back of fabric.

Although many people mistake them to be the same thing, fusible interfacing is not the same as fusible adhesive; they are used in completely different ways. Interfacing is strictly to add support to other fabrics before stitching sewing machine, regardless of how it is attached.

What Is Fusible Adhesive?

Fusible adhesive is a backing that can be applied to fabric so it sticks to another piece of fabric. It is commonly used to attach appliques and other fabric designs to the body of a project to hold it in place. One side is ironed to the applique fabric and the other side is then stuck down by the adhesive to the main fabric.

There are two kinds of fusible adhesive available. One type is made to fuse appliques permanently, no stitching required. The other type, which has less of an adhesive, is made to gently hold the applique in place so it can be stitched with a Janome HD3000 without causing the needle to be sticky.  

What Is Fusible Web Adhesive?

Fusible web adhesive is another type of fusible adhesive made from a woven, web-like fabric with adhesive on both sides. It works in basically the same way that regular fusible adhesive does yet is stronger.

It can be used to fuse thicker fabrics together, such as adding a felt backing to the inside of a handbag before stitching it together on a Janome sewing machine. It can be used to bond two fabrics together to add stiffness

Many people confuse fusible web adhesive with fusible interfacing because each is applied in a similar way; however, their applications are different. Fusible web adhesive is used to bond fabrics together. Fusible interfacing is used to add stiffness to light fabrics or increase the opaqueness of transparent fabrics.

Both fusible interfacing and fusible adhesives can be important items in helping you produce beautiful items on your Janome HD3000 or another sewing machine; however, for the best results it is important to understand the correct ways to use both. Always remember that even the fusible king of interfacing creates support, while adhesive sticks things together. If you can keep these two simple ideas in mind, you will be able to achieve great results when making all kinds of projects on your Janome sewing machine!

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