When sewing certain garments or other projects on sewing machines like the Janome 9900, a pattern may call for either interfacing or stabilizer to support the fabric while it is being sewn. Both interfacing and stabilizers do almost the same thing; however, they are actually two completely different sewing machine supplies. Getting the best results with any project that calls for interfacing or stabilizer requires using the right product.

What Is Interfacing?

Interfacing is a white or neutral colored fabric backing that is permanently added to the main fabric to give it more stability. It is used in certain places on a garment, especially around the collar, cuffs, and along the front of a shirt to provide stability that is otherwise lacking.Interfacing is either sewn in or ironed onto the back of the fabric and trimmed to size before it is sewn on permanently using sewing machines. There are several types of interfacing available for use on a variety of projects, including:

  • Woven Interfacing - Used on cotton and other woven fabrics.
  • Knit Interfacing - Used on knits.
  • Fusible Fleece - Provides a fuzzy, fleece lining and fusible web, which adheres on both sides of the fabric.

Since it is ironed onto the fabric of the garment being sewn, the proper interfacing must be chosen as it becomes a permanent part of the garment or project.

What Is Stabilizer?

Stabilizer is the same type of sewing machine supply as interfacing, except that it is removed after the project is completed. This type of fabric stabilization is most commonly used while embroidering on a garment or adding appliqués. It reinforces the fabric during the stitching process. There are three types of stabilizers available:  

  1. Tear away
  2. Cut away
  3. Wash away

They remain in place until the stitching is complete and then removed. Stabilizers are applied to the underside of the fabric to prevent damage to the fabric while using sewing machines like the Janome 9900. It enables easy stitching on fine or stretchy fabric. Once the stitching is complete and the stabilizer has been removed, all that is left is the main fabric.

Use The Right Type

Even though interfacing and stabilizers are two sewing machine supplies that are used for the same basic need to support the base fabric, they are not interchangeable. A stabilizer is not designed to become a permanent part of a project and will wash or fall away if it is used as interfacing. On the other hand, interfacing cannot be used in place of stabilizers as interfacing cannot be torn or washed away. Once it is ironed and sewn on, interfacing is permanent. Therefore, it is important to determine what the pattern calls for and use the right supplies.

Fabric interfacing and stabilizers are important sewing machine supplies for certain projects that need supportive backing in certain areas or when embroidering on garments. It is essential to choose the right product and the right type of product for each project. By using the right interfacing or stabilizer, projects sewn on a Janome 9900 or any other sewing machine will be easier to do and look great!

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