If you’ve been sewing or working on machine embroidery for a while, you’ve likely collected quite a number of sewing supplies, parts, and other items that you use from project to project and many of them are likely duplicates.

If all of those items are disorganized and laying around to be accessible, they can really clutter up your sewing space and slow you down!

Whether you work on a standard sewing machine like the Janome MC6600, an embroidery machine, or a quilting machine, here are a few tips to keep your sewing room well-organized so you can find everything you need when you need it!

Make Use of Pegboards

Pegboards are one of the most useful and versatile items you can use to organize your sewing space.

Positioned on the wall above the working level of your sewing cabinet and chair or cutting station within easy reach, you can use pegboards with hooks, pegs, hangers, baskets, and shelves to store so many things:

  • Scissors - Hang your many different pairs of scissors on a pegboard positioned close to your cutting station so you have the pair you need when working on your sewing machine.

  • Rulers and Templates - Positioned on the board itself and hanging off the bottom, a pegboard makes an ideal organization system for plastic rulers and templates of all types and lets you quickly find the one you need without searching in a drawer or a pile.

  • Thread Spools - Big or small, you can organize hundreds of thread spools on a pegboard close to your workspace so they stay clean, organized, and easy to reach; pegboard thread organizers are especially useful for anyone that does machine embroidery.

  • Other Small Items - Using hanging baskets and bins, you can turn any pegboard into a customized organizer for just about any of your sewing needs no matter what size and shape they may be.

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Carts and Drawer Systems

Craft carts offer a large amount of organizational space that can be easily moved around your room.

You can use rolling drawer sets, multi-level containment shelf carts, and even actual tool boxes on wheels to organize and store just about any supply, notion, or sewing accessory you use.

Craft drawers are available in many sizes with drawers you can modify to store everything from small machine parts to fabric yardage.

Shelving Units and Bins Are Ideal

Another option for highly-customizable, efficient organization of your sewing room to effectively use your sewing machine is a freestanding shelving unit and some added containers for separate items.

Clear plastic bins and boxes, wicker baskets, and decorative photo boxes all make perfect organizers for everything from patterns and notions to fabric yardage and thread.

These ideas all work perfectly with wall-mounted shelves, too.

Tackle and Craft Boxes

Need a place for all your smaller items like sewing machine parts and accessories, needles and spare bobbins, small notions, and similar items?

A craft organizer box, art bin, or even a standard fishing tackle box is a great option.

With various sized and adjustable drawers, a lift-open top, and a secure closure to close the bin and set it on a shelf or alongside your workspace, these boxes are great in the sewing room!

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Drawers Galore

Drawers are an ideal organizer for keeping items contained, sorted, protected, and away from your main workspace.

A sewing cabinet with ample drawer space can be organized using compartmentalized drawer inserts or you could upcycle a dresser or chest of drawers to store larger items or keep your fabric stash organized.

A file cabinet in the corner works well for storing patterns, especially once they’ve been used.

You can even turn the bottom of a shelving unit into drawer space with drawer inserts or slide-out bins or baskets.

So Many Ways to Organize A Sewing Room

When the amount of supplies and accessories you have for your sewing machine starts to grow beyond what you can comfortably keep in your sewing cabinet, it’s time to look at more creative organization ideas.

Fortunately, there are tons of options for storing every item so your workspace stays free of clutter and you know exactly where to find everything.

An organized sewing space is an efficient one that’s comfortable for you to use!