Any time you embark on a creative endeavor, it is all too easy to set aside something you have started working on, and start a new project when the inspiration hits, and sewing is no different. If you are like most people, your sewing machine table is probably stacked high with unfinished projects just waiting for you to complete. All of these unfinished projects not only take up space, but just thinking about tackling them can cause even the calmest of people to have a panic attack! That is why you should start finishing them up!

Our number one tip for helping you to finish up your unfinished projects is to tackle them one at a time. This way you can focus all of your attention on one thing, rather than on several things, and you will finish much faster! All you have to do is grab the first unfinished project you find, sit down at your Janome sewing machine, and get to work. You will feel so much lighter and freer when you have your unfinished projects complete, and you will have the space and the freedom to follow your inspirations wherever they may take you.

When the inspiration hits, it can be hard to finish up the project you are working on, but if you want to stay organized, doing things one at a time is certainly the best way go about them. Satisfy your inspiration by making a sewing schedule, this way you won’t forget about the next project you want to complete once you have finished the one you are working on!